simply having.
My family celebrated Christmas today {because my parents will be in Africa during the holidays, attending the court-date for the adoption of my little brother}. They are both so thoughtful... the hearth in our living room is covered in presents, one for each of us for each day they're gone. 
Thank you Dad & Mom! I love you both so much & will miss you this Christmas!!

made my day.
My sweet friends sent me this card. So festive. Thank you girls!
the blue book.
Honestly, I think my parents must know me pretty well. c: This book is right up my alley. It's vintage which I love. And it is chock full of information. I can't wait to dig in and get photography-educated.

 drink water.
This is the coolest water bottle I've ever seen. That's just about all I can say.

 looks good & tastes delicious too.
Mint infused for fresh breath. Yes, you heard right. It's like putting peppermint tea on your lips. Yum.

Or, otherwise stated as pure amazingness. If you're ever in Starbucks, I suggest picking up one of these. 
{This is my entry for cloud nine this week. Why not click on over to Carlotta's blog and enter a photo that makes you happy.} 

 a sketch.
This has absolutely nothing to do with the contents of my Christmas stocking. But I thought I'd throw it in here anyways.

Remember me blogging about my favorite yellow mug? Well, I think its been replaced with a new treasure of mine. 

 a little bit o' vintage.
Sigh. This is probably my favorite stocking stuffer this year. Vintage film canisters. They're small. They're adorable. They have so much potential when it comes to decoration & nicknack storage. I love all eight of you!

       camera number seven.
 Another one to add to my old collection. I love the boxy shape of this one.

the cutest candle.
Seriously. How am I expected to light a match to this little guy? He is way too adorable. Right now, he's sitting under my wooden mushroom on my desk. Thanks, PB & LF! 

This first one is the newer one, I just wanted to take a picture of my other favorite necklace from last year. I really love the simplicity of these pieces. 


  1. Hi M! I just found your lovely little corner of bloggy world, and I must say that I adore your photos, they're so beautifully done! I think after seeing your blog I am even more excited to be getting a Canon Rebel for Christmas now! =)

    Merry Christmas to you!

  2. What cute little goodies. I'm just going to say it: you're too good an artist to become a nurse.

  3. I'm going to copy you, I'm going to draw a vintage something, maybe even a key!

  4. oh i adore the film canisters! and the porcupine candle...and the mentha lip tint (i love peppermint herbal tea!)...and the reindeer mug. And i loved every photo. Nice work!


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