wordy wednesday


1. now flickring
A couple of days ago I was experiencing a lack of blog space. Thanks to Katie's brilliant suggestion and Carlotta's much needed guidance, the problem is now fixed. I'm using flickr to upload my photos. These girls were so kind and helpful, so go and check out their blogs because they're just plain awesome. c:

1-12-11 004

1-12-11 003

1-12-11 002

2. my desk in detail
I thought I would post some photos of the desk in my room. My dad built it for me about year ago, and I don't know how I ever got along without it. This is where long hours of tedious homework have been spent, where my little nothings are displayed, and where most of my creativity sparks. In the mornings, the sun's rays shine through the window straight to my desk area. 

1-12-11 007

1-12-11 009

1-12-11 006

1-12-11 011

1-12-11 017

1-12-11 018

1-12-11 021

1-12-11 020

1-12-11 019

1-12-11 014

1-12-11 022

3. on cloud nine
I shot this one of Mr. Cat through my bedroom window. The photo is terribly groggy because of the glass, but I love how "vintage" it looks. He was just waking up from a snooze and had begun his stretching. 

1-12-11 023


  1. Those words of wisdom (about Flickr to Blogger) are very much needed. Would you mind passing them on to me?
    I post lots of picture and definitely don't want to loose space. Thanks :).
    P.S.- Third photo; gorgeous. They all are!


  2. Your icicle shot are really cool and really like the macros. I need to upgrade my Flickr account real soon, you just reminded me.

  3. These are beautiful photos. You have such a nice desk area. I love the old typewriter and your wall calendar. Glad to hear flickr is working good for you.

  4. Thank you for your help! I think I understand..but one quick question- do I have to use the same email for my blog account and my flickr account in order for it to work?

  5. I finally got to see your desk! It's so cute, glad that Flickr is working!


  6. Does it have to be a Yahoo e-mail for the Flickr account?

  7. gorgeous shots of your desk...love your typewriter!

  8. On your calender- I think that's a TOMS sticker! I love TOMS. I'll buy some eventually. :)

    Also- love the typewriter. You have really set that space up nicely!

  9. Love the icicle pics..I really wanted to get some of them too but there weren't any good ones around me!

  10. I love the cat in the window best of all. Beautiful. Love this song by Tim Myers. Pretty!

  11. aww thanks! I'm glad Carlotta could help you :)

  12. Yay for Flickr! :) (And yes, puppies are one of the joys of life!)

  13. Fun photos! Great shot of the cat! My cats are always doing crazy things and I can never grab my camera fast enough to get it! And the window totally gives it a cool effect!

    I so need a macro. I wish I had a gazillion dollars and could buy every lens ever.

  14. Those two gals are wonderful and super helpful! LOVE that typewriter so, so much.


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