awkward and awesome thursday


So, its my first time linking up to one of these. For more awkward and awesome click here.

- Vacuuming back and forth over the same spot on the carpet for minutes, until my hair is scraggly and my face is perspiring... only to realize that that spot is actually part of the carpet. Oops.
- Putting my earbuds in and turning on my iPod, to get a full-fledged-volume-has-been-turned-all-the-way-up blast of music. And being so shocked I just stand there not even thinking to take them out of my ears.
- Replying to a sales employee of a store when they're not actually talking to me.
- The word awkward. I mean, look at how its spelled. Really.
- Writing out 2010 as the date on school essays.

- My rubber boots. I've wanted a pair all winter long and finally found some at TJ Maxx. What's even more awesome is that they were on clearance for $15. And they're gray, the marvelous color that goes with just about anything.
- Having a clean house. So what if the cleaning takes all morning? By the afternoon, its lookn' clean & smelling fresh. 
- How bright it is on a snowday like today. The sun is reflecting off the white ground so much, it almost blinds me when I walk by a window.

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  1. gotta love awkward moments. :) I've done that with my iPod before too. it's not fun, but it's definitely funny... at least after the fact.

    I love that last shot too, by the way!

  2. Your awkward, ummm, awkward made me laugh.

  3. loved the list! I'm going to have to jump on this awesome/awkward thing next thursday :) I've SO done the carpet vacuum thing before...haha. And yay for new RAIN boots :) oh and BRIGHT white snow is pretty much the best.

    PS - stellar photo M!

  4. Lovely post!! I love that picture :)

  5. your blog is adorable :) i adore the snow picture!

  6. awesome post! Love it. beautiful picture.

  7. Just found your blog and it is ADORABLE! Love A&A Thursday!

  8. Love awkward moments, and love that picture!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog :)

  9. what a great blog!! found you through brooke!! i'll definitely be following your adventures :)

  10. I left an award for you on my blog. I know I'm brand new to your blog, but I love it :)


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