garb at a glance {& other things}


1. garb glance Alright, its about time I start this idea of mine. Well, I really shouldn't say its my idea. Because a lot of people in the blogging world do this already. I've been thinking about doing it too for a long time, just never got to it. So I'll put my own personal style twist to the try. Here we go. {For the two photos of me, the credit goes to my sis. Thanks A!}
  • Tank {forever 21} Lately, I've fallen in love with floral prints. They remind me of spring, and oh how I wish for spring.
  • Cardigan {forever 21} A girl can never have too many cardigans. This girl can't, at least.
  • Shoes {charlotte russe} If I were to have seen these shoes a year ago, I would have said they were totally not my style. I might have even laughed at them. But this was one of those crazy occasions when I just went for it, stepped out of my comfort zone of style, and purchased the snake skin shoes. And I'm so glad I did. By the way, I got these babies for the price of $12 during the after holiday sales. Nothing beats a sweet deal.
  • Jeans {tj maxx} Even though they're not in the photos, I still love my skinny jeans.
  • My Face {this one's from God} So. I really don't know how else to say it, but I wanted to ramble about my face garb, if you will. I wear mostly Mary Kay make up; mineral powder foundation, vintage gold & honey spice eye colors, black mascara. And finally, suggested by this girl, Revlon's Just Bitten in Gothic lipstick/balm.
2-8-11 013

2-8-11 012

2-8-11 009

2-8-11 020

2-8-11 016

2-8-11 011

2. new books If you were to ask me what I enjoyed most about this Tuesday, I would tell you that it was dropping by the Half Priced Books store. I would tell you that the smell of fresh new books made me want to stay in the store for hours. I would tell you that finding a hard copy of Peter Pan made me happier beyond words. And I would also tell you  that holding a copy of Pride and Prejudice in my hands made me quite happy too. I would tell you that their together grand price added up to $7.
Well, you can ask me this because these two new lovelies are sitting on my book shelf at this moment. And I'm telling you, having new books makes my day.

3. wings for your candle I have the feeling this is going to become a regular on my blog posts. Sharing what I find makes me happy, so whenever I come across a piece of decor that catches my eye, I capture it and I put it here. 
Aren't these just the uniquest things ever?! 

2-8-11 007

2-8-11 006

4. more snow on the way The forecast predicts snow for tomorrow. Two to four inches. Which means {drum roll please} classes are canceled! I'm not gonna complain about the snow when it saves me from a week of trudging through Anatomy and Advanced Math homework. No way. No, I'm going to watch with thankfulness as the flakes fall, as I curl up with a book snug and warm on my bed.
5. my pencils Oh yes. I finally have them. Ever since last year sometime, I've been wanting a set of colored pencils, but not just any colored pencils, wood colored pencils. You know, the kind with the natural brown bark on them. They just turned out to be a lucky finding for me at the mall today. Score. {I also found some here.}

2-8-11 018

2-8-11 019


  1. beautiful! :) I love your shirt.

  2. Such a super cute outfit! I totally agree with you - a girl can never have too many cardigans.
    And after seeing your colored pencils, I all of a sudden feel the need to get some of my own, if only for photo taking purposes ;)

  3.! You are gorgeous, girl! I absolutely love the outfit too!
    And the pencils...basically, I love everything about this post. :)

  4. Looooove the outfit! Sometime taking risks is a good thing when it comes to style.

    New books always make my day too! Recently I scored a vintage copy of Little Men in a used bookstore. I collect vintage copies of Louisa May Alcot's work just for fun! Sounds like you found some good ones too.

    Um, the pencils? I want some. Those are fantastic!

  5. What an amazing post!! Your outfit is ADORABLE. I love those shoes too :) Beautiful pictures and everything!

  6. Such a cute outfit. I just found your blog and love it!

    have a great thursday!

  7. 89th follower here! I love you blog. You are just as cute as a picture :]

  8. Your outfit rocks!
    I love all the pictures.
    It is so cute.

  9. love your outfit! and i love color pencils :)


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