happy friday


A battle was fought in our living room this evening. No worries, the soldiers were not over an inch tall. Let me just point out one of the great advantages of having younger siblings: you get the privileged of reliving playtime. It's wonderful.

2-4-11 001

Meet the newest addition to the collection of nature decorations in my room. This glass jar was originally filled with pine branches, but I needed something a little less holiday-ish. So naturally, I chose a random branch today on my walk.

2-4-11 004

2-4-11 005

I probably look at too many home decor magazines, tear out too many pages, tape too many of them to my wall. What can I say? They're my inspiration. Sigh sigh sigh. Just look at this bed. The design is so me.

2-4-11 006 

Happy Friday, my lovelies!


  1. Thanks for stopping at my blog! :)

    Love the army men - so cute! I bet you had fun photographing that game.

  2. That first shot is awesome - I kinda want some of my own toy soldiers now.

  3. Such a fun macro! Love it. And, that bed is really awesome. :)

  4. Love the macro Army men in battle! So fun. The tip of that branch is reaching out of the photo.
    I do agree I like the bed too.


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