love love love


It's February. Don't know why, but I love this month way more than the other eleven. I look forward to it all year long. The stores in town suddenly fill up with bouquets of dreamy flowers, sweet cards filled with mushy gushy sayings. Reds and pinks become the popular colors. And then there's this incredible food of the gods I like to call chocolate.
And even though I haven't found that one guy yet, February can be thought of as a reminder to love the people around us.
Oh, and right now you're probably listening to my new favorite song. I've listened to it probably twenty times in the past hour. Her voice is beautiful. Here's where I found it, so go stop by Haley's blog please.

2-3-11 012


  1. I love this picture...a lot. <3

  2. Loved this post...and that photograph is so beautiful! Such a great idea.

  3. oh that LOVE & hearts on the chalk board is adorable :) FABULOUS shot!

    And it makes me so happy that you love February and the wonderful holiday that comes with it! Too many people that haven't found their sweethearts decide to dislike the holiday...they're missing out! It's not only a romantic holiday, but you're totally right to say it's a time that "reminds us to love the people around us." :)

    PS - I'm SO glad you liked that song!! I listened to it on repeat yesterday too! haha <3


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