awkward and awesome thursday



Seeing this on the kitchen counter...

3-10-11 008 looks a lot like pound cake, yes? I felt pretty awkward taking a bite and realizing it was in fact a loaf of homemade bread.

Not being able to pass the word verifications when commenting on blogs. sigh. That kind of awkward can turn into frustration pretty quickly.

Showing my little brother how to cut a piece of paper. He's watching intently, taking in every single step. And then the scissors decide bail out on me and not slice through.


My new pair of earbuds. Bright cherry red, enough said.

3-10-11 010

SJ's dance moves. He can jump towards the floor and hold his legs in the air using only his hands. I'm expecting break dancing sometime in his future. His favorite song artist is a tie somewhere between Taio Cruz and Bob Marley.

The baked macaroni & cheese I had for dinner tonight. so. delicious.

Being clean. Whoever said boys were messy? This child washes his hands all the time. I highly doubt he'll ever catch as much as a cold with the amount of soap he uses.

3-10-11 004

3-10-11 003

3-10-11 002

Now it's your turn to share those awkward & awesomes.


  1. loved your awkwards and awesomes - sj sounds like quite the dancer!

  2. Awesome ear buds (love the color) and wow, I was thinking the bread looked like meringue but okay:)

    SJ is so cute! Yeah, I've got some little bros who are always washing. And taking baths. What is their obsession with baths? The little angels:)

  3. I know what you mean about those word verifications.....annoying.

    Cute blog! xo

  4. love the hands! he sounds like such a cutie :)

  5. dancing for me is always awkward yet awesome. loved this post. happy weekend!

  6. Loved your awkward and awesome you are super cute and yes those word verifications are so stinkin awkward! I totally agree sista.

  7. you take the best pictures! seriously, everything looks amazing under your lens

  8. Another awesome post! They're always so fun to read!

  9. I Just stumbled upon your blog, Im sooo glad that I did, Your pictures are beautiful, and so are your words! I love your excitement for your family! I'm soo excited to get to know more about you!

  10. I hate when I can't get the verification right!! haha great pictures and thanks for following my book blog!

  11. you take lovely photos :) Wish my camera could do the blurry thing too :( love your blog x

  12. HA! I've done the bread-thing...but with thinking I was about to take a bite of smooth mashed potatoes and it was rice...way crazier for my mouth than it sounds ;) And I love all those photos of your sweet SJ's hands getting squeaky clean :)

  13. PS - M, you are SO thoughtful. Thank you for sharing your feelings of my sister-in-law's blog...I know your sweet words meant a lot to her. :)

  14. What a great collection of shots! Lovely work :)

    K xx

  15. I absolutely love your photos -- amazingly beautiful captures! Keep up the wonderful work, sweet friend. :)

    Have a lovely day!

  16. Oh wow... those are great pictures! :DDD

  17. Your photography is absolutely stunning. I love the hands shot!

  18. That bread looks delicious! And I totally agree, word verications go from awkard to annoying real fast :)


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