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3-8-11 004

some big news.
To start things off, guess who got her drivers license?? This girl. So sit back, relax, and let me tell you about it. I took the test this morning. I was too nervous for my own good, but I guess the woman testing me was pretty use to that kind of behavior from teens. It was really no biggie. Through a neighborhood, one green light, down a highway, and two sweaty palms later I was back at the driving place getting my picture taken. Can I just say that was the brightest flash ever? My photo turned out better than I thought it would & I laid my hand onto the signature machine when signing my name. I don't know what's better, having a nice photograph or a nice hand signature. It doesn't really matter. I have my license and that's what counts. I want to hear your drivers permit/license story. Do tell!

3-8-11 002

one hundred thirty.
Why do I feel like I blog about the number of my followers too much? Maybe because I get so physicked whenever the number goes up. And because you guys deserve it.

3-8-11 001

They've covered the trees surrounding my home. The tiny green buds are barely visible through the wet brown woods, the colors of spring. It excites me. What do you love about spring?

adoption announcements.
I'll be shooting for SJ's adoption announcement photo. And guys, I'm really excited for this. It'll be the first real announcement photo I've done for anyone. He has definitely got the smile down to a perfection, all I'm waiting on is a warm, sunny day. I must have natural light for this photo shoot. For now though the cold is settling in and the rain is pouring down. Maybe this weekend...

3-8-11 008

thoughts on rain.
Drops are pounding on the roof as I type these words. There's something about rain at night. It makes the atmosphere relaxing and cozy. I'm so tempted to abandon this post and go curl up with my new copy of Pride and Prejudice.

3-8-11 007

this room.
I can totally see myself studying in this room. The colors draw me in. I love the wood letters. The clutter stand with fresh flowers & plants. And I know I would have way too much fun with the giant chalkboard.

3-8-11 005

drawing lessons.
Decided to post one of my many lesson pages. Drawing has always been a passion of mine, and this year I'm getting to take lessons in school. They might be just the basics, but it is so freeing. My cousin recently gave me a nice electric pencil sharpener, and boy has it come in handy the past few weeks. 

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  1. congratulations on getting your license! very exciting :)

  2. oh how i wish that i could tell you my driver's licence story... but i don't have one. ;)

  3. Congrats on getting your license!! My best story is from when I got my permit... I didn't type the first two numbers of the year I was born into the machine, thinking it was to be abbreviated. I sat there for maybe five minutes, staring at the screen and wondering what I did wrong, until I sheepishly asked someone working at the DMV for help. Oops. :) Needless to say I was a bit embarrassed, even though it was really minor.

  4. congrats on the license! i got mine last summer. I was so so so nervous to take the test, and I didn't want to jinx it, so I wore my pajamas and didn't do my hair or makeup. I ended up passing, so my current picture has me looking like I rolled out of bed.

  5. Congrats on getting your license! Good work!!

    Personally I love rain. Rainy days make me happy! I don't know how some people think rain is depressing. ;)

    Btw, is the drawing book you're using called Drawing Textbook by Bruce McIntyre?? It looks just like it! I've gotten about 1/3 through that book. It's good, isn't it?

  6. beautiful pictures, like always :) congrats on getting your license!! On your first try!
    I, on the other hand, needed 3 tries. that's right. third time's a charm ;)

  7. gorgeous photos!! there is nothing better than being able to drive yourself around. hooray!

  8. great pictures! Your blog is adorable.

  9. I'm definitely a new follower-loving it so far!

    Oh, that's making me more excited (or maybe a little more nervous) about getting my license!

    We had a ton of rain here a couple days ago, and I love it (except for that it through the chill back in the air)!

    I just started using Drawing Textbook by Bruce McIntyre a couple days ago...and you seem to be doing better than I am with it :)

  10. congrats on the license! i randomly had to drive with someone too and i agree it is the absolute most nerve-wracking 5 minutes ever! and mine was driving in the snow in my mom's brand new car. the lady said turn on the lights and i'm like errr....i don't know how!!! can't wait to see the pictures of SJ

  11. I did not want to get my license and after I had it I still didn't drive often. I don't drive at all now. Anyway when I went in for the test I was a wreck... I hated driving around the square. The lady had me drive through some back alley type road (that I had been down a few times before but it didn't make it any less creepy). It had a new stop sign and crowded around the sign was a group of 4 men... looking shady. It scared me so I slowed instead of stopping at the sign. She asked if I saw the sign and I said yes. She didn't comment further and I still got my license.
    I LOVE art! All kinds! Drawing was my favorite in high school. Now I prefer painting. I am not very good at either but it doesn't matter to me much. My kids seem impressed LOL!

  12. WOOHOO on the license M!! :) I barely squeaked by to pass mine. lol Honestly, the guy said I did almost perfect on everything BUT two things (which took off some major points)...parallel parking (I drove straight into the spot instead of backing into it, and then totally forgot how to do it at all. HA!) and backing around the corner (I may or may not have hit the curb 3 times;) Sorry that was such a long story...

    And yay for making adoption announcements! do share with us! I have no doubt they'll be absolutely stunning, and perfectly sweet for SJ :)

    And reading about the rain made me miss my home town in the NW...i love rain :)

    one more thing, thank you so much for your thoughtful comment on my post over at Rachel's! you're the SWEETEST :)

  13. Congratulations on getting your license, M!

    My mom said, "there's no hurry" and there were numerous delays to getting my license, such as having to get a new Social Security card...everything took so long that I actually got my full license after I turned 18 (if I remember correctly), even though I'd had a permit and had been driving a lot with my limited provisional license.

    I failed the driving test around three times. :p
    Once I didn't even make it out of the parking lot - I drove out the exit on the wrong side of the road (oops), and at least a couple of times I didn't come out far enough at stop signs.
    I bet you did better than I did. :)

  14. Congrats on getting your license!!

    Here's my license story!
    The first time I went we realized we didn't have the registration in the car so I couldn't go in that car so my dad brought his car over and I did it in his car. I had rarely driven in his car so I failed :(

    So then when I went for a second time we had the registration with us but it wasn't up to date! My twin sister had her appointment before me so we called our insurance company to send over an updated version. While they were doing that, my sisters appointment came and went. She really wanted to take it so I let her take it instead of me. So she took it and got her license!

    Then on the third time everything went more smoothly and I got it!! I was so nervous though! I was shaking haha!

    Sorry it was so long! haha But you asked :)

    Have a great rest of the week :)

  15. Congratulations! I got my permit on my 16th birthday (the first day I could) and my license exactly six months after (the first day I could take the test in my state). Not very exciting..but I consider if a good accomplishment! Love your spring photos. :)


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