vaca time


i'll keep this short and sweet.
the reason for my lack of posts. my photo editing software has taken a drastic turn, and has decided not to cooperate with me at all. i'm working on getting it back up and running. once that's done, i promise hearty posts more than once a week.
okay, time for big news. i'm literally walking out the door, leaving for a little place i like to call the beach. oh yes. hot toasty sand that slides in between my toes, hours of practically doing nothing, and being with a group of amazing girlfriends. i've been looking forward to this all year long, and somehow still ended up in a frantic packing frenzy which began yesterday. i'll be back this weekend, with a bucket or two of photos to share. infact, you will probably die from picture overloaded posts here. until then, i'll leave you with this sweet face. have another lovely summer week, you!


  1. have an amazing time at the beach, lovely!

  2. I love your blog! The simplicity is really refreshing, as well as the crisp photography.

  3. Ooh! Have a lovely time at the beach! *Sigh* Summer is da bomb. :)


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