looking back on florida


there's something about being woken up at 4am, feeling the rush of excitment colliding with the flood of sleepiness. that's how it began. fifteen of us piled into two mini vans after loading our luggage. the sun rose, streaks of morning light across the sky. our pillows became the best car buddies ever. we were on our way to florida.
(that's me in the front on the right, the one with the crazy expression)
anytime i go to the beach, i always look forward to seeing that first palm tree sticking out like a piece of gold among the other common trees. i crave hearing the sound of sea gulls, spotting their white bodies against the blue. seeing the ocean, gurgling waves like whipped cream and the sound as they crash.
a few of us were brave enough to get tatoos down in florida. i was not one of them.. but i'm already thinking of ideas for next summer. it made the trip more memorable. being there all together, squeezing hands, and talking eachother through it.


the golf course where our house was located had many walking routes. we discovered a "hobbit village" next to the lake. come to find out they were in fact cyprus roots, but they did look enchanted surrounded by the sparkling water underneath a canopy of trees.


on our night out, we ate at the back porch. there's nothing like eating spinach crab dip and fried shrimp upstairs, with a gorgeous view of the sea. all in all, it was a fantastic vacation. being with my beautiful amazing friends is something i'm missing already.


  1. looks like you had a lot of fun. :)
    ps. i have just found your blog and i love it... you're really inspiring as a photographer. i'm a new follower. :)

  2. these look amazing, and I'm so happy you had a great time! you deserve it! :)

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