the fourth


I know this post is late. Yesterday was the 4th of July and, as usual, quite a busy day. My family always gathers at my grandmother's house on this holiday, a tradition we've kept for so long. The scents that rose from the grill smelled so good you could almost taste it. Laughter and loud voices of relatives filled the house as we all sat together and conversed. Booms and crackles could be heard indoors of the fireworks commencing in the neighborhood outside.  


It made me take a good look at what being an American means. It means having the freedom to join hands with loved ones and pray before a meal. It means being able to worship anywhere and everywhere, and not being stopped. It means having the incredible blessing to live as free men. That's something I will never forget.



The blackberries that grow down the lane reached their ripe peak today. The sour and yet sweet taste of the juicy dark fruits will always bring back feelings of nostalgia, from my childhood. I can remember hiking through waist-high weeds on a hill, holding my dad's hand. Being scratched by the little wicked thorns on the bushes, but seeing the handfuls of berries in my tin pail that made it all worth it.

July 2011

My sister planted some seeds in a few eggshells that she placed inside an empty egg carton. They sprouted so quickly in clusters. I don't know exactly what it is, but seeing new life, the baby green plants makes me smile. I guess its the satisfaction of seeing that the tiniest effort can bring something wonderful.


How did you spend the fourth weekend? Please share!

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  1. These pictures are beautiful! They're so soft and summery; I love them. :) I spent the Fourth of July with my friend on a ranch, out in the country. It was nice. Sounds like yours was, too. :D

  2. I love your pictures on this post!!! So cool!!

  3. Beautiful post - I love your first shot!

  4. the second to last shot made me smile...too cute! your fourth sounded lovely -- yay for spending time with family!

  5. Aww, he dropped his blackberry! Amazing photos!

  6. Grreeat photos as usual!! Great post too!

  7. These are just beautiful! Love the first shot, awesome!


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