the weekend


I found myself rearranging my room late last night. I clipped from magazines, ripped pages from some of my old field guides, and scowered my desk drawers for note cards and pictures. My dad hung two pieces of twine on the wall above my desk, on which I hang clothespins to hold various snippets. I do rather like how it all turned out. (sorry about the bad quality of this photo)


I found this little beauty at Target this morning. The square shape, light chesnut color, long shoulder strap, the clasp. Every now and then, I'll find something completely out of my style range and absolutely fall in love with it. I think this means I'm beginning to branch out?


Its been far too long since I've shared some of my little brother's words. S was enjoying an afternoon snack of animal crackers and milk, when he started to tell me something.
"My bandaid loves crackers." He stated, lifting his knee, pretending to feed his bandage the remains of a zebra.
"It does?" I tried not to laugh.
"Uh huh. But he can't chew them very well."


Hoping your weekend was lovely!


  1. I love your idea of the twine and pictures---so pretty! And your siblings are absolutely adorable!!!

  2. What a cool idea with the clothes pins!! I also LOVE those two pictures of your adorable brother :)

  3. lovelovelove this post -- it made me smile. twine + clothespins + pictures = perfection. love it!

  4. Your little brother is so adorable! I love your portraits of him. And his comment about the crackers is so funny. Kids are so random and hilarious aren't they?

  5. You make my heart sing, M! And, I'm stealing that clothespin-idea (masterpiece) for the boys' playroom. :)


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