branch {three}
By now, you're probably noticing something new. I'm so uber excited about the amazing work Olivia has done around here! Its my first time having someone remodel this little blog of mine. It took a lot of courage and procrastination for me to finally admit to doing this, I have been debating it for a long time now. Honestly, it turned out to be better than the pictures inside my head. What do you think?

Yesterday I made tomato soup completely from scratch. It may not seem to be an accomplishment to some, but it is for a girl like me {who can barely take edible ingredients, put them together, and have an outcome which is still edible}. The deep red piece of fruit waited in the kitchen windowsill for days, and finally at its ripening peak, I diced and blended it. Adding cream, onions, herbs from the garden, and a dash of sea salt - I heated it to perfection. Its taste was so satisfying, but creating a delicious dish that is nutritious and entirely basic is a reward in itself.
tomato soup from scratch {one}
I recieved two precious objects a while back; a fisheye and a pentax camera. This is my first experience with film and I'm anxious to develop the rolls. It feels so right to be branching out in my photography journey. I've found that film has slowly disappeared, making room for the era of digital. There's something about doing things the original way though, something sentimental and nostalgic.

The ground is slowly being scattered with fall colors. Leaves golden and surrender to gravity - painting a spotted masterpiece against the dark piles of last years' leaves. Soon the rakes will be searched for amonst the clutter of lawn tools, brought out and for the first time be put to work, building towers of foliation to be
jumped into. a yellow leaf
p.s. I thought that while my blog has changed so rapidly, I might as well throw in another little now know my real name.  


  1. I love your header to pieces. I need someone to redo my blog, but alas, I have no money at the moment. :/

  2. LOVE your new design! :) The cameras you received are so neat!

  3. Your blog design looks wonderful and I love every single photo in this post. You are so creative!

  4. I love your design because it's so unique -- everyone will always know it's yours. Oh, and I was just checking out your "places I love" and saw my Thank you so much, girl!

  5. OH MY GOSH! I LOOOVVVEEE the new look, so fantastic!

  6. Your new blog design is is this post.

  7. Love the new blog design, as well as your photography. Keep up the great work(:

  8. Ahh M, you're design is to die for! Isn't Olivia the best? And film cameras...yes. Learning to shoot one is one my todo list.

  9. I love the sketched tree house!
    It is so rewarding to make something from scratch like that... remember when cooking with fresh tomatoes it may taste a little more 'acidic' than you are used to... if that happens add a dash of baking soda and it will help calm it down. Also, try adding carrot or sweet potato puree to tomato soup for added amazingness :)

  10. I LOVE the new design! I also have a Pentax film camera to use for a school photography class this year. It's a K1000 and so far I have no idea how to use it! :)

  11. ooh! Madison is such a pretty name!!


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