summers end


It is an understatement to say that summer flew by right before my eyes. The cool water of the swimming pool on countless humid days, wearing the casual shorts and tank tops, eating juicy watermelon slices with friends; there's so much I'm going to miss. As my senior year starts, I'm flooded with anxiousness and excitement, anticipating college but ready to wrap up highschool once and for all.

August 20113
While my academic break is long lost, the warm air outside reminds me that summer is lingering for a bit. It is never too late to savor every moment the trees stay green, knowing that soon the leaves will crisp and fall. Cool, sweet lemonade beverages will soon be replaced with hot apple cider in the season to come. As much as I'm wistful to see summer end, I welcome fall with all the wonder it never fails to bring.
August 20112
top {old navy} shorts {forever 21} belt {fossil} bracelet (antique} shoes {sperrys} necklace {etsy}
photo credit {my sister}
August 20111
Lately, I've felt that my inspiration for blogging has been lacking. Sometimes finding something to write about becomes a task for me instead of a pleasure. The best remedy to this, I've found, is to walk outside with my camera and start shooting. Capturing even the simplest things gives me motivation to keep moving on, it shows me there's always something.

I'm always up for trying new things. Upside down pictures, for example, an idea Carlotta shared a while back. I'm embarrassed to admit that while taking this I got rather light-headed and had to stop. Ha!
To conclude this post, thought I would share several more from the shoot this morning. It was honestly the best little brother alliance ever, S did an amazing job. You can view the one I chose to enter here.




Happy Tuesday to you! Any big plans for the week?


  1. i totally agree! i'm sad to see summer end but i'm kinda excited for school to start! also, i don't know if anyone told you this before but you are really pretty! love the top by the way that is one of my favorite colors!!

  2. I'm kinda sad to see summer end, but autumn... I can't wait for!

    LOVE your upside down photo! Very creative. :)
    And your little brother is simply darling.

    Have a lovely day! xxxx~Kelsey

  3. I really love the tight focus on the two tree pictures. There's something very magical about them. S is adorable!

  4. Getting ready for school and my California trip would be my big plans. And I LOVE your outfit. Your shoes and belt are just so divine!! So pretty :))
    -Jocee <3
    P.S. I don't know if I've said this before, but I think it's so cool to have brown hair and green eyes. I wish I had that. But alas, no, I have brown hair and brown eyes. Typical :P

  5. Summer ended when we moved. We are seriously enjoying the fall like weather. Our trees are still green but it won't be long before you can't find green here. I better snap more photos. First day of school/work for everyone starts tomorrow!
    LOVED the bro pics. He is adorable as usual.

  6. So cuuuuuuteeee! Love all the pictures! And the ones of you are gorgeous! Seriously, you need to model. You are gorgeoussss without even trying. And I totally understand your lack of inspiration when it comes to blogging. I've been the same way lately. It's saddd.

  7. Cute outfit!! Your little brother is so adorable too!

  8. seriously lovely photos. your bro is adorable! and thank your for your sweet comment on my blog even though the little boy on there isnt mine this time! :). oh and i love your shoes!

  9. I love those pictures!! :D Your outfit is beautiful also.

  10. Have fun as a senior! I'm a freshman this year... kinda scared :)
    Love your top. It hangs in my closet in blue!



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