long time, no see


Holy. It has been quite a while since I've sat here and blogged my little heart out. Oh my, eleven days to be exact. But I'll make up for it, promise. Blogging regularly is something that's always on that little mental list in my head. And at the same time its always going to be something I procrastinate. As I type this, the phrase just roll with it comes to mind. In all reality, that's what I will have to do because I can never really tell what life is going to throw at me. By the way, I wanted to shout out to my new followers. I'm really really glad y'all are here and hope you'll stay a while.  
Don't ask me why, but I cannot get enough of this. I mean look at him. It should be a felony to be this cute without even trying to be. My siblings have always had the gift to make me smile, because I love seeing their happy little faces. Don't get me wrong, they definitely don't smile all the time. Who does? There are the tears, the frowns, the downright sassy expressions that I get every once and a while. But that's what makes me appreciate the grins and laughs even more.
"You make me smile all over my face" -Ian Hobson, age five.
I recieved a greeting card a while ago with that quote printed on the front in a kid's handwriting. I may not be very good with words, but I think when it comes to expressing oneself, children do it better than any of us.
September 20112
(look no further, you've seen some sas here.)

(this is his signature silly face. he does not actually want to tackle me.)
Fall is officially coming in two days. Although it feels like its been here for a while now, I'm going to celebrate the first day of autumn with a cup of hot apple cider and a long walk down the lane. Colors are popping here and there, reminding me to look closely at every little thing. Sadly I haven't had my camera out as much as I usually do. Somewhere in between school and life, my time for photography is becoming lesser. But I know that nothing worth having comes easy, so I'm just going to have to make an extra effort to take pictures during free time. Its not something I feel like I have to do either. There's just no feeling in the world than having my camera in hand, capturing anything and everything I want. In my own style at whatever angle I wish, at my own pace.  


Hope everyone is having a nice week so far!


  1. wonderful photos. i'm no photographer, but that may have something to do with my poopy camera...

    siblings. aren't they GREAT? /:)

  2. Great photos! Glad that you're back!

  3. the last picture of SJ is priceless. I love his eyebrows so much. :)

  4. Beautiful photos, and I love those smiles. Children are such a blessing :))
    -Jocee <3

  5. pretty sure your siblings are the cutest things on earth. seriously precious.

  6. I love these pictures!!! I also love that you have adopted brothers and sisters. So fun!

  7. so cute! I love your photography.
    (just fyi, the light font makes it a bit difficult to read the words.)

  8. Gorgeous pictures, those kids are precious, their lovely smiles brought a smile to my face. :) And LOVED the last two pictures too!

  9. Gorgeous photos! The first one is absolutely priceless. His face is just precious! Well - ALL of their faces are precious.

    Have a lovely day!

  10. LOVE the mushroom pic, the little details are so great!

  11. Wow wee! The last pic of your brothers is perfect! Hug the fam for me

  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the final picture. and the first picture. no, i love them allll. your photography makes me really happy. :D

  13. Hey Madison! I couldn't find your email so I'll leave it in a comment. ;)

    You are so beautiful and I absolutely love reading your blog. Your love for your siblings is so adorable and your photos never cease to amaze. Just wanted to send you a little note. :)

    Have a beautiful day!


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