a weekend on the river


honestly, some of my best remembered memories are made at this place. my uncle owns a house by the river and every now and then my sister, cousin and i will tag along. an hours' drive through the country's winding roads is worth the destination. with a soft breeze in the air, the clouds beautifully patch the sky promising rain to come in the morning. the house sits right on the river's edge, with a balcony overlooking the miles of sparkling water. there are no bustling sounds except for the occasional boat or jet ski passing by, the tiny chirps and beating of wings of the hummingbirds. what a perfect way to spend the weekend.
River 20111

River 2011
sitting on the dock with the sun on our backs, feet hanging off the edge in the cold water. watching the fish surface and splash. wishing i hadn't watched so many shark films, for the water becons us to jump in, but only my cousin is brave enough to do so. later that night, staying up late. talking about old times with my two very best girlfriends, back to our childhood days which we are so fond of. laughing like there's no tomorrow, acting like goofs because we're so comfortable around eachother. praying together, and knowing i am blessed to have these girls in my life.  


enjoying ever moment of life, hoping we will always remember to. remembering our loved ones that were lost ten years ago today, september eleventh. knowing that their bravery is something we will never forget, that our country is great because of those who have and will step in during hard times, and sacrifice so much for one another. living as a free nation who stands strong because of the people. being truly thankful for everything we have been given, especially life. realizing how much i take for granite every single day, how precious every breath is.



how did you spend your weekend?


  1. this is beautiful. seriously, your photos are so, so gorgeous. and you have me wanting to head to the river now.

  2. Wow my weekend was nowhere near as relaxing. But it was quite beautiful. We road from our village up the Yukon river. Then, took our SUV down the haul road (dalton). And have spent time in Dr. offices and shopping!
    This was a beautiful post!

  3. GREAT bokeh and love the spider web shot! :)

  4. Wow you take amazing photos! Why haven't I been to your blog in so long...so sorry! I love the look and this post makes me miss the lake!

  5. these are absolutely gorgeous. it's like summer all over again.

  6. Stunning photos! Love the bokeh of the water and that spiderweb picture is stunning!!

  7. In love with these photos. The bokeh is incredible in the photo of the hummingbird. Beautiful!


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