falling for fall


yes, yes. i realized i may have dubbed myself winner for cheesiest post title. but i'm sitting here feeling quite accomplished for finishing an essay this morning - one who's completion at one time seemed quite impossible - and therefore i must reward myself by jotting down the corny phrase above. so with a cup of hot cinnamon hibiscus tea in hand, the temperature outside dropping to a low of fifty six, i will continue to fill this page with my appreciation for this season.

a couple days back, i went with my siblings and some dear friends to a local farm event. there were all sorts of things set up to do. a giant hay bale maze threaded its way through one of the fields, in which i had quite a good time running after squealing-with-excitement littles. the barn was filled to the top with hay blocks, also constructed as a crawl through maze for those of us who didn't mind getting hay on our heads. sadly, my allergies were acting up at the time. basically all i could do was stand and watch as the children played to their hearts content. i didn't mind in the least though, for my camera was there to occupy me.

and oh my goodness. there was a hay ride. sitting on the bales of hay, the straws sticking into my bare legs and tiny pieces of chaff floating around us in the afternoon sunlight - it was like a rush of nostologia. every single october as far back as i can remember, i've ridden a trailer pulled by a tractor. no matter how many years are added to me, i never seem to get too old for it. we rode this one twice across two country fields under a cloudless blue sky. i honestly did enjoy watching their faces as we passed by some cows grazing, or the pumpkin patch. as slowly as the tractor pulled us, they were soaking in every moment of it. 

fall has only just begun to arrive here in tennessee, and i am awaiting everything it has to bring. the leaves are crisping slowly and turning deeper shades, filling the treetops with splashes of color. as the days are still warm, the evenings quickly cool off, promising chilly weather as a constant. there's just something about autumn that draws me in - like everything from summer can fade away and begin again, new and ready. fall, like spring, is an inbetween season. it is not bitterly cold as winter is, so spending time outdoors becomes a pleasure more of now than ever. campfires will be lit and marshmellows will be roasted brown. pumpkins will be carved and their seeds will be oven roasted with salt. all in all, this season is absolutely wonderful.

happy fall y'all!


  1. awww...so cute! I love fall and pumpkins and corn and hay rides.
    ~simi (giveaway on my blog!)

  2. you live in tennessee? lucky. i live in texas. the weather is 76 at the moment, but it's cloudy, with a chance of rain. hopefully. they say we're having a drought. and while that may be true, it's still not keeping my fall away. i see about auburn leaves in a patch of green. it's so magical! this is by far my favorite season. until winter shows up, that is :P
    -jocee <3
    {pee ess: hot cinnamon hibiscus tea? whoa. that is awesome :)) ;)}

  3. beautiful photos, Madison!

  4. TN Fall is my favorite time to be with friends. It's a really hard time to be away but I am occupied with planning the village Halloween party. And right now it's a "hot" 31 degrees. It snows like everyday for just a bit. Yesterday we took advantage of the clear skies and went and picked up some bark and pitch :)

  5. your fall is just starting! wow, I'm jealous! I'm living in Wyoming currently and we had two days of snow already. I've barely said goodbye to summer and already winter is practically here!

  6. did you know you write beautifully? several people have referred me to your blog, and i see why now.
    i'll be sticking around for awhile. :)

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