please, inspire me


so we all know the feeling. the utter lack of pep, like ever drop of spark has been drained away. rainy days, good ole' allergies, loads of homework - it doesn't matter how, all i know is we get like this every now and then. at times like these all we crave is inspiration -v. the urge to create, the condition in which there is a want to feel or to do something. you don't have to stand at the edge of a canyon and gaze out onto an amazing view to find it. you don't need to spend money or travel hundreds of miles. you don't even need to go anywhere. simply look around you, because its always there.IMG_9197

its hidden in the little things.
finding money in your jean pocket. being told that you're beautiful. coming up with a good idea. when little kids reach to hold your hand. getting into a freshly made bed. when someone gives you a hug for the first time. the smell of coffee in the morning. hearing your favorite song in a store. stretching after a long car ride. good dreams. rereading your favorite book. getting a letter in the mail. seeing sunshine fill the room when you open the blinds. hearing stories about when you were a little kid. immature moments with friends. dancing your heart out.  
September 20113
there's always that one person who never fails to make you smile. you can be in the gloomiest mood, having the roughest time, where absolutely nothing is going the way you want it to. and just like that - a few sweet words from them can turn your whole day rightside up. somehow they know exactly what to say to inspire you. the thing is - they don't have to even try, because they really are some kind of wonderful.  

a song or two can sometimes be the best ways for inspiration. when i can't find words - most of the time the lyrics of a melody speak it for me. truth be told, i keep music playing around the clock. whether in my room or in the car, you can bet that my ipod is nearby. it helps pass the time, it helps to inspire. where my list of favorites ranges from the beatles to jack johnson, i'm sharing several of the ones i love best.
somewhere only we know - keane
valentine - kina grannis
you make my dreams - hall & oates
life after you - daughtry
let it be - the beatles
somewhere over the rainbow - isreal kamakawiwo'ole
chances - five for fighting
better - regina spektor
little wonders - rob thomas
angel - jack johnson
yours to hold - skillet
crazy love - michael buble ...okay, so really anything by buble will do
sweet disposition - temper trap
little house - amanda seyfried
you and me - lifehouse

watching tv isn't always the best alternative, i would much rather recommend a walk in the great outdoors. but there are just some films that are too good to pass up when inspiration is needed. (500 days of summer) (the sound of music) (the notebook) (finding neverland) (secret garden) (where the wild things are)

what things inspire you? i'd love to hear!


  1. Aww! I love your photos all the time! THEY inspire me! :)

  2. let it be - the beatles. oh yes. loving those last two photos!

    things that inspire me? hmm. my sister prancing around the house with her dolls, gabriella and mr. trophies.
    my mom and her dry humor. blog posts like yours :))
    -jocee <3

  3. oh dear dear me. can I just say--this is just about my favorite thing that I've read for awhile? especially your list of the little things that can so easily inspire. each and every one of them: true and special and too often taken for granted.

    today I've been feeling "inspired"...not necessarily to do anything, but just inside. like I'm discovering some part of me that wants to get somewhere someday. even if it's not today. so this post just put a smile on my face.

    michael buble = love. finding neverland = love.

    things that inspire me? the moon. friendships. various photographs and words that stir something inside of me. laughter with my little sisters. laughter with my brother--at myself. dancing. I so love these: "when someone gives you a hug for the first time. hearing your favorite song in a store. good dreams. rereading your favorite book. getting a letter in the mail." so, so true.

    okay, well this is long and rambling, but basically, this was beautiful. it's so good sometimes to look amid the everyday and find the extraordinary.

  4. Beautiful post! Things that inspire me are: amazing Christian friends, stunning pictures, lovely craft projects, and God's love.

  5. yours to hold, by skillet, is one of my favorites right now. so sweet.

    blogs inspire me. photographers inspire me. my family and friends inspire me, and Jesus keeps me going every single day. and music, too- you and I are a lot alike in that we both play music constantly. :) I love it!

    here's to an inspiring week for you. hope it's a great one!

  6. awesome post. great pictures. but where the wild things are is a creeper of a movie, and nothing's too weird for me:)
    i'm inspired by my friends. by smiles. by wild wishes that most likely won't ever come true, but it's fun to pretend that they will. success. stars. most definitly stars. that weird moment in total chaos when you feel peace. looking forward to things. halloween, yes halloween, or really the spirits of fall and good fun. a book that changes my life. a jon foreman song.

  7. As usual another awesome post!!
    I like going for walks out in nature to inspire me. I just look around and look at all the little things happening around me that usually get overlooked. I don't know if that made sense but oh well :)

  8. this was definitely exactly what i needed to read <3 thank you for the inspiration and wonderful music suggestions :)

  9. Cool post! Things that inspire me: seasons change, holiday cheer, feelings expressed without words, music...and the list goes on.


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