this is as spooky as it gets here


i shall admit it - i'm not a huge fan of this holiday (although i do adore the weather that accompanies it). with october thirty first just hours away, i'm getting a little bit of a head start on my "spooky post". and yes, i put that in quotes because this post will be anything but scary. i can barely make it through a thriller film (i nearly ran out of the theater while watching harry potter...and that's not even classified as a scary movie), much less create something ghastly to read. besides... wouldn't you rather hear about costume parties, hay rides, sugar highs from all this candy, witchly musicals, and thoughts on halloween from a few littles? i thought so.

just ignore the blurriness of these, if you will. these three are utterly stoked for trick or treating tomorrow. what you see them sporting currently is church attire from this morning. their costumes are not yet quite complete. in other words, i will have the task tonight of somehow transfiguring a clotheshanger into a hook fit for a four-year-old pirate. a five-year-old's face will soon be painted to puuurrfection. and due to the three-year-old's indecisiveness, we are going to use our mad skills to throw something together last minute. pictures promised of this delightful little trio after the big day.

i won't give you the names of these people, but i will tell you that they are all amazing. old faces and new ones gathered yesterday for a party at a nearby church. the costumes were pretty much epic, i have such creative friends. we sat at tables in the warm building, eating and talking and laughing our heads off. some of us ate absolutely too many sweets and left the party with the potential of having a sugar coma. some of us woke up this morning with, what i like to call, a sugar hangover. and by some of us, i mean my sister.
anyway, back to the party. when the night turned pitch black and the sky filled with stars, we changed from our costumes into warmer clothing (thank heavens for people who bring extra coats for people like me). gearing up with glow necklaces and hand warmers, we climbed onto the trailer lined with hay bales. under mounds of blankets and sitting close to eachother, we we rode down the backroads and woods of the countryside. and of course, we had to stop by a graveyard and an old abandoned house for scare appeal. it was such a fun night with friends.    


that would be me, dressed as the fantastic mister timn. if you've never watched julian smith, i suggest you do so now and no longer go without seeing such brilliance. that goof you see there in the background would be my little brother, dressed as pedro. if you've never watched napoleon dynamite, i suggest you never do to save yourself from seeing such pointlessness.
wicked was last weekend. it had been forever since i had the priviledge to see a play. and boy, was this one incredible! although the dragon head above the stage did give me the creeps at times, the play was completely beautiful. there's just something about sitting among hundreds of other people - all eyes on the stage, all ears listening to the voices filling the theater - that is so magical. i haven't the slightest clue as to how the cast keeps track of their lines as perfectly as they did. the first thing i did after getting home from the play? i got the soundtrack on my ipod. because its just that good.  

me, my sis, my mom. and our forheads are not like mirrors in real life, this is simply the essense of a disposable film camera. 
i'm wishing all of you a happy thirty first! so who's dressing up this year? i would love to hear. 
October 20119


  1. I love Wicked! and that last picture, hilarious :)

  2. 1. i think the blurriness adds to the fun of it.
    2. i don't do halloween either.
    3. i love julian smith.
    4. and also wicked.
    5. and also you're so pretty.
    6. and also i loved this post. :))
    -jocee <3

  3. I *love* your Mr. Timn costume. It's soooo perfect! :D

  4. your little siblings never cease to be adorable, do they?

    you're Mr. Timn!! ahaha, that's SO awesome and creative. Julian Smith easily makes my day.

    and you saw Wicked? -jumps up and down in glee- oh wow, isn't it incredible? I saw it last summer...and had the soundtrack even before the show. I'm pretty sure I could sing my way through the whole musical.

    this post makes. my. night. (:

  5. that last picture is priceless! happy halloween to you!

  6. Mr. Timn??? That made me laugh! He is way too funny :) "You wanna know why?" "Why???" "You don't wanna know..." :)

  7. OH I love your costume. wow. I'm going to be a nerd with my friend, and take her little sister and best friend out trick or treating. :) have a happy halloween! :)

  8. I spy Inkwellers in the third photo! ;)

  9. Loved your comment Katie. I like that I am offically an "Inkweller".

    BTW, I am totally proud of you Madison (and your sibs) for showing up in costumes even though you don't love the holiday - kudos to you!

    We had such a good time with you all. Really. It was great.

    Yes. Wicked was A-MAZING! I want the score really bad too.

    I am off to go get my Halloween spirit on, you know how we are:)

    Love you guys,
    Paper Bird

  10. I love so many things mentioned in your post!
    1. Harry Potter
    2. your family! Gosh I adore you all!
    3. Plays... of the musical sort. God, I miss those.
    4. napoleon dynamite. ridiculous movie! of course i liked it LOL!
    5. dragons, hayrides, and glow bracelets

    Man so so much fun!

  11. You got to see Wicked? Awesome! I've been dying to see it; especially since a friend of ours is part of the cast.


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