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november is here. my most favorite month has arrived, welcoming new starts and fresh beginings. with the year of 2012 approaching so quickly, i am feeling the urge to challenge myself to something i should have done this year. lately i have been dissapointed in my blogging pace and style. it has never really been what it ought to be. while there is always room to improve, i honestly crave to scratch out the old and build from a new perspective. while i have considered erasing my blog, i cannot seem to convince myself this would be a good choice. no, i shall instead start right here in the little corner of my world, my blog.


i suppose i could begin by saying that every blog owner has felt this at least once. but that would be avoiding centering my problem as a result of who created it - me. somehow i have let my blog slip away. posts have dreadfully become yet again a once-a-week occurance. i never really walk away from a post feeling completely satisfied with my choice and length of words. sometimes i can't find the time. other times i simply just don't make an effort to fit blogging into my daily schedule. me? i am a worlds class procrastinator. things i wish to complete rarely happen, or if they do, at the very last possible moment.
but its high time to break free from this humdrum mold. i splurged a little this morning to boost myself, with a notebook i found hiding on a clearance shelf for $1.75. in this spiral, i will write out my posts, word for word. (inspired by the lovely carlotta) jotting down ideas will push me to think harder and save me the trouble of writers block when i sit at the computer. i have been penciling letters all day, of which i am now typing out. and boy, does it feel good to get organized. also, i have laxed in my language for much too long. i'm ready to seek out fresh terms, ones i rarely use, words that are not found in my everyday vocabulary. after all, it couldn't hurt to branch out a bit. 


this excursion of mine will hopefully take dis fromage to greater heights. i would really love to have a few of you participate and guest post here every once in a while. i want to share more of my thoughts (not necessarily halting my pictures) and pour out the words to the best of my ability. and finally, i will hopefully eventually get around to hosting a giveaway for all of you. because you deserve a little something special for putting up with me.

any thoughts on this?


  1. I also write out my posts when I can. Having a notebook handy really helps when I have a creative burst, so I can make notes.

    Can't wait to see what the future brings for you!


  2. hmm, I totally agree with you--sometimes a little rethinking needs to happen with blogging. and you're right; we've all felt like that. I've recently been doing some thinking on blogging, and I can relate to what you said: I want to write more thoughts, along with photos of course, but to actually express things that turn around in my brain from day to day [however deeply profound or random they may be].

    also, I love the idea of writing posts and ideas in a notebook. I've done that before, albeit inconsistently. that would be such a cool habit to form.


  3. Wow I looove the first photo!! :)

  4. I JUST started doing this too, writing out my posts out in a blogbook. I think it's a great idea, and my posts always seem to turn out better that way. and absolutely, this is something that I have felt before. I've been meaning to have a few people guest post on my blog too, just to have some variety. it's a good idea, I think. have a wonderful wednesday lovely!

  5. I have yet to feel that way but I don't consider myself a 'blogger'. My blog was started to easily keep my family and friends (and those curious) up to date with the happenings in our family... 4,000 miles away. Some posts are our adventures, some our thoughts, some are meant to encourage others, some are meant for venting, and some are food posts. I think as long as you write what you want, and try not to care who is reading or why they are reading, you will feel you have a wonderful blog.
    Don't worry be happy ;)

  6. I love this so much, chica. definitely agree with your thoughts -- and yes, I think every blogger goes through a period like this several times. people change. styles change. so naturally, blogging changes right along with it. can't wait to see where this is going to go. xoxo.

  7. I always write out my posts by hand when I get in a stump! I'm excited to be reading more of your lovely posts! :)


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