happy sixth, little sister


take it from someone who knows - six is much better than five. my sister's birthday was last thursday, so i'm a little late in getting this post up. nevertheless, she is six years old now. it really does seem like i was just at the airport, waiting on the plane from ethiopia to land. seeing her for the first time. so tiny and sweet in my dad's arms. with new faces greeting her all at once, you'd think she would be frightened and unsure. no, not esther, there was a grin on her face the whole time. during the long drive home, she fell asleep in her carseat, completely worn out from the excitement. it was a little past midnight when we arrived home. we surrounded her with an army of pillows in the center of our living room. and i kid you not, she jabbered for an entire hour. being only seven months, we had no clue as to what she was telling us. whatever she was saying though, it put smiles on our faces and her voice warmed our hearts more than i can say. this was her beginning, the very first time she blessed her forever family. and she hasn't stopped ever sense...   
November 2011
half the time i think we really should get her a contract with a modeling agency. and then i think she might just take the competition aspect out of the performance. the child adores anything with glitter or sparkles. she has natural style (or as she calls it, swag). i'm a tad jealous of her curls, i mean, who wouldn't be? in case you're wondering, yes, she likes to whip her hair. thanks to willow smith's adorableness, we were all a bit shocked when esther asked to shave one side of her head. she'll have to wait, twelve years to be exact, to take a razor to her hair. i think one day she will thank us for making her keep it.
the things i love most about her, however, aren't found on the outside. esther is a beautiful girl on the inside too. she has a glass-half-full way of thinking, always able to find the good in every little thing. she is one of the happiest kids on the planet, possessing the talent to belly laugh nonstop for minutes. while her tears can nearly tear down a room, her smile can brighten it back up. her giggles come straight from the silly side of her. and she is constantly at the point of causing me to die of laughter amazing me with the words she says and the things she comes up with. most of the time, she will utter something that is years ahead of her. other times, the phrases she picks up aren't used in correct context - but that's okay, she's hilarious either way.
i can't imagine life without my esther. in the short six years, she has honestly taught me so much. the world is a more colorful and beautiful place with her in it.   




(i love that these kids can hold still for pictures. and that they can multi-task by taking a picture of me at the same time. kudos to you, little photographer. keep up the good work.)


  1. happy birthday to the birthday girl! and many 'appy returns♥

  2. oh my goodness...i really need to meet your adorable siblings (and you too, of course!). i pretty much die from the cuteness.

  3. Awwww, she's SO cute!! I love the first two pictures!!

  4. Oh so adorable! This makes me so happy.
    I cannot wait for that "airport moment" with my siblings!

  5. Happy Birthday to her! I love the name Esther. These pictures are adorable, and I find it equally adorable that she calls her style 'swag.' Precious!

  6. she is so cute! and thank you for not letter her shave her hair off! it's just too awesome. (:

  7. Oh, what a sweetie! Happy birthday, little one!

  8. Aww, Happy Birthday to Esther!

  9. Happy Birthday Sweet Esther! Man she's adorable!

  10. she is, in a word, adorable. maybe give her a late happy birthday hug for all of us? (:

  11. oh my she's gorgeous. happy birthday you special esther who can pose better than anyone else i've seen :))
    -jocee <3

  12. oh she is cute. what a precious girl, and a sweet birthday she had! she is lucky to have you as a sister, that's for sure.


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