a bit of innovation


thanksgiving day has passed. this means complete and utter freedom to commence playing christmas music. not that i actually obeyed that rule, who knows, i could have been listening to michael buble's newest album weeks before...but now i can do it without feeling a tinge of guilt. this also means that a touch or two of holiday decor is quite in order. instead of the usual hanging a few ornaments here and there, a sash of tinsle in some jars, and the miniature trees - this year's decoration will be far from the normality it use to be.
you see, my sister and i are rather addicted to looking at tumblr blogs (and kudos to you if you're one of us). the rooms displayed on these blogs almost always have a strand of lights vacating a wall or ceiling. so this year we thought to ourselves, why in the world shouldn't we try this?



after a trip to a very busy target store on black friday (might i add that was my first time shopping on this hectic day of the year) we returned home with a bag full of white christmas lights. sure, we almost were run over alive by shopping carts being driven by people who act like shopping is a matter of life or death. but we purchased the lights. i know better than to go hammering a bunch of nails on the walls of my room. as it turns out, scotch tape works just as well and gives slightly less permanent damage.
i honestly love it. i will lie in my bed with nothing but the hundreds of tiny glowing dots dangling around from corner to corner. they even give off enough light for me to read a book, which makes it even better. because who wouldn't want to read a novel while surrounded by christmas lights?


another tumblr fancy of mine? melted crayon art. a friend just happened to invite me over earlier today for this particular project. what luck! stripping the crayons of their paper wrappers, they are carefully lined up and glued onto the canvas. making sure that the glue is dried, simply use a hair blow dryer to melt the wax. angling the blow dryer towards the floor works best to fill the canvas up. it was amazing to watch the solid color sticks turn to liquid, splattering and running down the white backdrop. this has definitely become one of my favorite art ideas.



what new novelties have you found lately?


  1. Ooh, your room is so lovely with the crayon art and Christmas lights - I'll have to try both those ideas. And I totally agree about the Christmas music; I *ahem* might have been listening for weeks now. ;)


  2. Oh. My. Goodness. I must try the crayon art. And putting Christmas lights in your bedroom is such a fun idea!!

    Lovely photos dear. :)


  3. wow. your room is beautiful.
    today my mommy, grandma, and i went shopping. sears, hobby lobby, michaels, and other various errands, mostly for my birthday party decorations. it was positively lovely. we came home with pastel acrylic paints, frames, and lots of doilies and ribbon. lovely. i adored this post.
    -jocee <3
    {pee ess: kudos, i am one of you guys ;) :)}

  4. the crayon idea--I've seen that often but I had no idea it was so easy! hmm, definitely want to try that someday. as for the lights, I'm jealous. that's seriously magical.

    also, I really really want Michael Buble's new cd...jealous that you have it. I love his music so much. ♥

  5. last photo= new inspiration for my room. gosh, I love everything you've done. completely beautiful <3

  6. ahh! i literally swooned when i saw that last picture of your room! gorgeous!

  7. Your room is oh-my-goodness beautiful! Definitely inspiring me to do something special to mine now. :)

  8. I'm a tumblr fan too! Small world, eh? :D
    Your room is BE-YU-TI-FUL!!! It deserves to be on tumblr with a gazillion likes and reblogs. :)

  9. Your room is the most incredible, awesome room I've ever seen.

  10. though how tempted I may get, I refuse to get a tumblr...but that doesn't stop me from stalking, ha! your room is beautiful. I broke out the lights for my headboard last night too. they make me so happy. xo

  11. i love chirstmas lights. remember the year i coverd my two foot eiffel tower in them? that was awesome. this year, i'm actually going light on the decor, mainly because it's not that much fun to take down and also because i didn't have enough time and money to plan it all out this year like i normaly do. but no worries, there are still plently of decorations here.

  12. oh, my. I really love that idea.... I put up my twinkley lights yesterday too; mine are on the mirror. they cast such a pretty glow, I'm kind of addicted and use them every year! have a happy sunday.

  13. love the photos! by the way, I just wanted to let you know that I'm having a giveaway over at my blog. If you want to you can check it out



  14. Oh my goodness. I AM SO IN LOVE with the lights! And that crayon project! I am definitely going to do that with the kids over Christmas break. Thank you for the ideas : )

  15. ah! your bedroom is SOOO cute! and i'm definetly going to try the crayon art.(:


  16. so I think you are totally amazing, just saying. LOVE your room too!!!

  17. Ohmygosh I LOVE your bedroom!! It's the cutest thing ever!!

  18. Wow! That's beautiful. I love your room!
    Oh, and I seriously *just* did crayon art with my friend last week. We lined the crayons up in rainbow order and it looked soooo cute! This summer I had glued crayons onto paper and left them in the sun, and they melted beautifully. But I'd never done it with a hair-dryer until last week! It was so cool to see liquid color like that.
    And I love Christmas lights, too. My sis and I have some colored ones in our bedroom. I love Christmas lights in a otherwise dark room. It makes everything seem peaceful and beautiful and ... Christmasy. Christmas just has such a magical glow about it. :)

  19. oh my goodness!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE your room!!!!

  20. dear Madison, your room is too gorgeous for words. seriously.
    the blue typewriter. where is it from?


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