december rolls in


light streams through the three paned window. particles of dust dance and weave through the bright rays of the setting sun. the wood floor cool against my bare feet, i recluse deeper under the warm throw on me. little loki curls up next to me and closes his eyes. the gentle breathing while he snoozes steadys the quiet of the room. a small stack of tasks to complete piled on my headboard. a few letters to write, sketching inspirations to draw out on paper, a classic novel needing to be finished. familiar songs stream through my headphones as i begin. november is leaving.
on days like today, a certian optimism hangs in the air. knowing christmas is less than a month away excites me for some reason. i will most likely go into a coma of happiness when the tree gets here. the scent of pine in the house literally makes me swoon. somehow the yankee candle we have burning in the living room just doesn't come close to the smell of real pine branches. and the music, oh the music. after calculating my recent listenings of approximately thirty songs per day, i have heard over five hundred christmas songs in the past two weeks. with many more to come.
November 20113
(a welcome post is on its way for this little guy...)
i'm reminded once again that its the little things that make life wonderful. a mosaic of crystal snowflakes covering the porch railing. being told words that mean more than i can say. a game of yahtzee with my sister and mom, laughing at my apparently-much-too-loud method of rolling the dice. time for myself with a cup of hot tea and gingerbread pita snaps. sunshine that has been in hiding until today. watching my friend blow out twenty birthday candles the other night, being blessed to know her. my little brother's conversations with santa clause (who, according to solomon, appears to be waiting out the cold in our fireplace). a drive to the town post office, talking with everyone in the tiny building, realizing what a small town this is. observing neighbors hanging lights on their houses as i drive by. coming home.


  1. "particles of dust that dance and weave through the bright rays of the setting sun." "a mosaic of crystal snowflakes covering the porch railing."
    i love the way you write. beautiful, beautiful post. the best i've read in a long time. :))
    -jocee <3

  2. I am so blessed by your beautiful writing...the vibrant imagery and vivid word pictures let me imagine exactly what you're describing. Oh, and Loki looks so adorable!

  3. Beautiful. Just beautiful.
    And the puppy? Adorable :)

  4. your dog is named Loki?! ahh, that's just too perfect. he's cute as anything.
    I'm pretty dang sure that your writing just gets better and better. ♥

  5. i can't get enough of the magical feeling that comes with the christmas tree. especially that wonderfully piney scent. it gets me every time.

  6. oh, you got a new dog. exciting. missed you guys monday night.

  7. Aww! What an adorable little puppy!


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