a december day


it would be an understatement to say that this day was the best in a long time. as i sat at my desk a moment ago, finishing up some last minute reading, i got the strong urge to write up a post. my mind is running on pure happiness and i've had three cups of tazo zen tea in the past thirty minutes. so there's really no telling how graceful these words may be. bare with me, folks. 


as i sit here, the rain is streaming down the windows in the dark. i can't help but wish that the temperature would drop and turn the pouring water to snow. a simple joy that's found in december for me? waking to a white covered wood. i live smack dab in the middle of the country, among trees and fields and hills. i can remember decembers from years back, waking up to an especially bright room. the light illuminating off the snow outside seemed to bounce straight into my room and off my walls. if it stayed cold enough to hold the snow over until later morning, i would throw on a coat over my pajamas. wrap my neck with a scarf and pull a hat over my head. slip on my boots. outside an unusually quiet world greeted me. there's something about the snow that makes everything seem so still and hushed. i look forward to the white mornings yet to come this december.



getting to see the face of someone who i haven't seen in six months? best thing ever. i've completely lost the ability to control my smiling muscles. everyone knows the feeling of missing someone, how difficult it is to wait and to be without them. but all that missing went away for a while today. smiling, smiling, smiling.



finding the same adoration for a music video as i do for the song? is something worth finding. sweet disposition has been on my list of favorite songs for a long time. it just sounds like december to me. and i don't know why, but i really do like this video. its so different and detailed.  

the tree is up, the lights are on. and of course you'll need a story to go along with that short explanation. i was standing on the piano bench (as if i wasn't tall enough already) trying to wrap a string of lights around the top of the tree. somewhere during my brave attempt, my finger met up with a loose wire protruding from one of the lights. let me just point out that getting shocked is not a pleasant experience. as i stood there with surges of electricity pulsing down my hand and into my arm, it didn't quite register to me to release the handful lights which i was holding. about a minute passed and my senses came to me. lighting up the tree has never been so eventful. the ornaments are still packed away, waiting for an evening where the whole family can partake in hanging them. no matter. i have my lights which means i have my bokeh. and so i am happy.

December 20111

oh, i was interviewed on simi's blog a few days ago! please stop by and say hello.


  1. i think i love this post. really. and uncontrollable smiling is the best thing ever. i saw my brother for thanksgiving, and i don't remember the time i saw him before that. you can guess i was grinning ear to ear. beautiful, madison :))
    -jocee <3

  2. "i've had three cups of tazo zen tea in the past thirty minutes, so there's no telling how graceful these words may be. bare with me folks."

    hehe, you are so cute (in the good sense of the word) ;)

    Ohhh, I know exactly how you feel about bokeh. Every other picture I take has some bokeh in it. :)

  3. glad to hear you're having a good december already. i can't say i've ever experienced a snow-covered morning, but i understand the feeling of seeing a very missed, loved one after a long time♥

  4. oh, and btw, sorry to comment again, but you just introduced me to my new favorite song, and that cannot go un-thanked :) it's awesome.

  5. still and hushed...perfect description of the feeling after a beautiful snow has fallen :) I hope it snows for you soon! And that song, Sweet Disposition, is a favorite of mine too! And woohoo for lighting the tree! We did the same thing, had it all lit up for a few days before actually decorating it. even without the ornaments, the glow is magic :) and the bokeh shots you got are lovely :)

  6. Beautiful post! You are an amazing writer. I love your photos too. The first photo is my favorite.

  7. love the bokeh :)it was great interviewing you! your writing is always so beautiful.

  8. geez. I'm convinced that every new post is better than the last. you're so talent. ♥

  9. i love your drawings! they are beautiful.



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