a saturday morning story


i woke up this morning. well duh, of course i did. the point is i woke up at eleven 'o clock. lets get this straight, it has been a long while since i've gotten up at such an overdue time. its an odd feeling knowing you've slept in later than you planned to. and yes, this being a saturday, i didn't bother setting an alarm to wake me. shocked to see the double ones glaring at me on the screen of my ipod, i fought myself to wake up. in the midst of my waking, my younger brother needed a ride into town. i argumentatively kindly agreed to take him in, although in the back of my mind knowing i most likely looked like a monster of some sorts. a glance in the mirror, seeing the hair on my head had doubled in volume, was proof enough. i groggily stumbled around my room, half awake, attempting to ready myself for the morning challenge.



as i drove down the familiar country roads, i pondered this late waking. my excuse? i am an adult who has had a horribly busy week converting oxygen into carbon dioxide. and on the serious side, i have had a boat load of senior-year-complicated school to complete. plus i don't fall asleep as easily as i used to. and i suppose that staying up until midnight all week long for no apparent reason has taken its toll on me. still, there's that certian tinge of guilt that comes with sleeping in. an overwhelming want to slap my forehead for not waking up sooner. those wasted hours of daylight that haunt me. i could have carpe diemed, completed chores and tasks, made good use of my time. instead, i quite literally buried myself in blankets and pillows. i tuned out of life for four more hours of dreaming.

December 20113
tank {forever21} cardigan {american eagle} jeans {target} belt {aerie} oxfords {target}
December 20114

after analyzing this whole business, getting a good laugh out of it, i popped in a cd. the transiberian orchestra pepped up my drive home, just about causing me to go faster than the speed limit. (also, i passed a very small car. the seats were filled with very short men with the biggest black mustaches i have ever seen. i'm not even joking. these things were almost bigger than their faces. and yes, i almost went off the road while second glancing.) my conclusion? sleeping in is not such a bad thing on the weekend. its healthy sometimes to break free of my schedule, the usual, the everyday quota. my day is not shot completely yet, there is still time afterall. even if i have to take an unexpected drive minutes after waking up. because a little adventure might turn out to be just what i need.


happy weekend! any big plans for you?


  1. sleeping in sounds lovely. wedding this weekend! my husbands brother is getting married! stop by to see the pics in the next few days!

  2. you make me laugh:) I love this post--it's funny-ness and reality. Oh, and your outfit, of course!

  3. this is so cute. the mustache bit made me crack up. seriously. and i think you're gorgeous no matter what. love your shoes :))
    -jocee <3

  4. I love this :) sounds like me this morning.
    okay, a lot of mornings.
    cool belt!

  5. Funnily enough, our big plans for every weekend (lately) have been to get more sleep.

  6. I slept in til ten this morning; and while sometimes you do want to slap yourself in the head for sleeping in, but sometimes, after a long week, I think God wants us to sleep in and just relax.

    Have a happy Sunday!

  7. I love sleeping! Unfortunately I cant always sleep in. By the way, you are really pretty!

  8. Nice post! Love those ripped jeans your wearing. <3


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