my apologies for the lack of posts this week. me and my computer are nothing less than perfect enemies it seems. the week began and suddenly it said, hey. lets not let madison upload photos shall we. eh? seriously, i nearly had to kill flickr to get these pictures up on here. there's a chihuahua snuggled up next to me on this cushioned chair, sleepily watching my fingers type lightning fast, occasionally sneezing and causing me to almost jump out of my skin. (i'm on a bit of a happy high, in case you didn't notice.) i just spent the past half hour outside observing my dad's accomplishments on the garden. there's something exciting about seeing the shy green plants poke their heads above ground, soon to be venturing up the rusty wire ladders.
 IMG_5407 IMG_5461
IMG_5413 IMG_5418 IMG_5447 IMG_5450 IMG_5454 i cannot wait for harvest season this year. ripe juicy tomatoes lightly sprinkled with salt, buttery squash on a bed of parmesan, beans bathed in white ranch sauce. and though we don't grow them in our garden, it won't be difficult to find my other favorites here in the country. there's nothing sweeter than the lip-red strawberries we bought on mainstreet last sunday afternoon. oh, and deep violet blueberries at the farm which my family visits every year. it will be lovely. i have resolved for some day in the future, i will build my very own greenhouse. a nursery where i can garden all the produce i need to fill my kitchen. the idea of growing the food i prepare makes it all the more a delicacy, don't you think?
 IMG_5426 IMG_5430


  1. My mom has a garden. Have you ever tried tomatoes with fresh mozzarella cheese, basil, and sea salt? It's so good; a perfect spring/summer treat, especially if you get the tomatoes from your garden. :)


  2. Oh Madison, this makes me so hungry. I've often entertained the idea of having a garden and grow my own food... Maybe one day.

  3. I can eat tomatoes straight from the vine like candy. so so delicious. and yes, I'm with you on the garden. I'm nurturing a small patch of lettuce and carrots in our family garden, but I can't wait to have a big one all of my own in the future.

  4. oh, gardens are my favorite. My grandpa has three acres, twenty apple trees, and a garden big enough to feed half the neighborhood. I've grown up shucking peas in the summer and plucking raspberries ripe enough to burst from branches and picking apples and making cider. There's something magical and wonderful about working in the dirt. I cannot wait to have my own someday. xx

  5. what a beautiful garden! i love the dreamy quality of these photos. : )

  6. beautiful. i need to start a garden. it's why i will never be able to live in the city -- i want that garden to myself! :)

  7. These pictures are so stunning. I adore each one!

  8. AHH! These are amazing. HOW DO YOU EDIT YOUR PHOTOS?!?


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