IMG_0994 i turned the knob of the back door, swung it open, and the sound of pouring rain filled the air. with a complaining huff and a roll of my eyes, i stomped back to my room and threw a hoodie over my head and mentally prepared myself that this could be a you're-going-to-get-soaked-to-bone morning.
IMG_0886 IMG_0985 IMG_0982
windshield wipers hissed across the pane. water streamed over the roads, as rubber gripped the pavement. driving in rain is oddly adventurous. you have to strain your eyes a little to focus, to stay alert. the car rides smoothly along the countryside and into the wooded areas. its like a rainforest in here, whispers a little voice from a carseat in the back. sure enough, you see that the trees form a canopy of green darkness that only the headlights can penetrate. the rain loosens leaves and the wind carries them around. you smile a little. and then you notice that you're falling.
IMG_0947 IMG_0900
back home, there's that torcherous two minute run from the car to the house. your hair smells of dog, your clothes are damp. your saturated shoes screech on the wood floor of your room. back inside where its warm and dry. but you're not here to stay for long.
IMG_0940 IMG_0941
because you've fallen. fallen for what's falling. you're not pining for sunshine anymore. the greys and greens of the weather have grown on you throughout the morning. and there you are capturing it all. camera in hand, bare footed on the front porch. listening to the steady rythmn. watching the tear drop sized splashes. and now, you're hoping it showers on.

what do you think of a rainy day?


  1. a beautiful story Madison. rain is lovely, no?

  2. These are some of the coolest rain pictures I've ever seen. Ever.

  3. beautiful words. i absolutely love rainy days. we hardly ever get rain here in arizona, so it's a special thing - something i relish.

  4. sheesh. these are so fab. it's been rainrainrain here in germany and I'm kinda (really) ready for the sun and warm weather. but that doesn't take away from this beauty. gorgeee.

  5. WOW these are incredible pictures!! I get plenty of rain where I come from so thanks for the reminder to look at its beauty rather than pining for sunshine :)

  6. Wow! This is beautiful, Madison. You did such a beautiful job of capturing the rain in photos!

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  8. It's been raining here for the past two days, and I really love it. Beautiful pictures! xo

  9. you capture the rain so beautifully.

  10. ah, rain. it rained every. single. day, this past week. you'd think one would get tired of it, but no, i enjoyed it all. beautiful post, beautiful photos.

  11. I really love rainy days. Like, really love. They're just so magical and refreshing and calm. I love the sound and the scent and the feel.

    Beautiful post.

  12. Your writing is beautifully descriptive. And it's very relatable, as we often find ourselves growing fond of the pitter-patter of rain. I certainly do. While rain is grey and dreary at times, I love the peace and calm it brings. When I'm tucked in bed on a summer night and I can hear the rain hitting the roof and the windows -- now that is perfection.

  13. Lovely pictures. Lovely post actually. I am much more of a sunshine girl, but I've been enjoying our rain here for the past week. We have gotten so little over the summer that it is good to have it.
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