looking back on camp


i wish i had my photos developed for this post, but i'm a little behind on my to-do list. these are from a shoot i did with my sister a few days ago.
if i were to let you take a glimpse into my mind, you'd probably be overwhelmed with my scattered memories from this past week. if i were to let you look over my shoulder at my notebook from camp, you'd more than likely only see a jumble of tiny grouped letters, unable to comprehend. i've been laying on my stomach, back in my familiar bed. attempting to formulate just what i want to share with you, afraid to leave anything out. this conference was such an experience.

no, let me rephrase that, the entire trip was an experience.

IMG_0422 i've learned that the best way to get to know a group of people, is to ride in a fifteen passenger van with them for sixteen hours. because they can't really go anwhere, and have to talk and have to listen.

i will forever appreciate the delicacy of sleeping in safety. waking up, finding that half of your face has been colored in with black sharpie, is enough to make anyone afraid to nap again in the vehicle.

i now know that on roadtrip-pit-stops, you make sure you're not the last one out of the gas station. because hearing the ding as you walk out the door, thinking 'bout those delicious snacks and gum in hand, realizing your ride is pulling out of the lot...can make your heart jump faster than its ever done, make your legs run faster than they've ever run.
IMG_0536 IMG_0458
i'm thankful for the adults who dedicate their time and lives to instructing others. believe me, sitting for hours in those fold up metal chairs and having your rear fall asleep, was worth the knowledge i took away from taking those classes. i really don't think the teachers know how much they've impacted the lives of everyone listening.

there's something about singing in a room full of people. the strum of the guitar, the cry of the violin, the beat of the drum. voices raised and hands lifted, all for one purpose; to praise our God. its more than music. it has meaning and it has worth. i can't think of any sweeter words than the ones used to worship.

praying aloud. let me put it this way...Jesus didn't do what He did, so we could keep silent. my friends sat in a circle, held hands, and we prayed for each other. its not about having confidence in your own voice, its about having confidence in Jesus. and not being ashamed. knowing we live in a country where we can verbalize without being persecuted. i want that to be something i remember to be thankful for.

i see now more than ever before, that jesus is my best friend. i cannot even wrap my mind around the love he has for me. when i run, he chases me. what amazes me most though, is that he is good and i am not. he became nothing so he could give me everything. that i stand on nothing but grace in this salvation. the more i see of my brokeness, the more my eyes are opened to the beauty of jesus.


  1. camp sounds like it was wonderful.
    and beautiful pictures too. I love the one of her whipping her hair :)

  2. gah.. those photos. gahhhh!

  3. I wanted to keep reading on. This is so beautiful and true. I love how you said 'he became nothing so he could give me everything.' I love each of your posts.
    I'm glad you had such a great time at camp! I recently got back from camp as well. God is growing me closer to Him, and I love studying about His love. I read once that it's not that God has love but that He is love. He is love itself.

    Much love and many blessings!


    P.S. do you prefer Madi or Madison?
    P.S.S Beauteous photos! Love the unique angles in the second and third photos + black and white is my favorite!

  4. Golly! These photos are awesome! And this post is amazing! Sounds like yall had a great time, awesome! i loved the part about the sharpie ;))

  5. those last two shots are swoon-worthy. glad you had a great time at camp! :)

  6. Amazing. your words. your photos. absolutely beautiful

  7. I just got back from something similar so I can relate to a lot of this. Beautiful -- words and photos alike.


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