a conference by the ocean


IMG_0677 there's a rather sportsy looking black duffle bag on the floor of my bedroom. inside it are soccer shorts and comfy t shirts folded into neat miniature rolls (kinda looks like military packing style in there, either that, or sushi). also, these adorable bottles of hair shampoo and conditioner. sunscreen. my most favorite white ball cap. and yes, there is a toothbrush in there, i double triple checked. a notebook with a pen tucked in the spiral. my Bible.

i'm bound for that lower right corner dwelling state down by the ocean. these next four days i'll be attending a conference at the beach with my cousin's church youth group. there will be sand, sitting and listening to counselers, bonding with other young adults who are on fire for Jesus. i'm praying that this will be a time of getting to know each other better. a time to worship our great God.


  1. isn't God awesome? i just got back from my camp (going back in a week) and it was so amazing. so beautiful. so powerful. learning to accept God's invitations, to listen to the Holy Spirit. it was legit.

  2. i've never been to camp. hope you have fun!

  3. that's awesome. I hope you have a good time! :)


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