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to the downton abbey television score via ipod (music has a beautiful way of slowing life down for a moment), to the crazy/wonderful things my five year old brother says to me, to the subtle chirp of crickets that sound in this early afternoon.
the whiff of smoke from a campfire my brother is building.
the flannel of my shirt against my skin, a briskly cool breeze of autumn.
a savory fall dinner dish of turkey corn pot pie and sweet potato okra stew.
for a camping trip this weekend mainly by making lists of what to bring (possibly am a procrastinator, possibly just loves list making).
i've learned over these past days that there is much accomplished in making small choices (waking up early, starting the day off with a bit of reading, drinking plentiful amounts of water). i have been an avid journaler. and finally have gotten back in the habit of letter writing, dropping envelopes into the blue metal box quite often. this week is full of work for me, helping my boss prepare for her monthly furniture/craft show. plans are filling up the days, my schedule is slowly being packed for the end of september and the beginning of october. i suppose i don't mind staying this busy, its good for a change of pace. and now that fall is here to stay, i too am ready for this glorious season to commence.

the layout of this post was inspired by this post here


  1. ooooh, lady. I just love this.
    ps. let's write letters, okay?

  2. Oh I loved this! From that second photo full of smiles, to the tiny fire in the last one. :) And then the written part of this post, LOVE. I just may follow your lead!

    I love the smell of camp fire smoke. Call me crazy, even the smell of my clothes after they've soaked up smoke makes me happy. And flannel makes me happy too! I recently scored Brooks an adorable flannel top while thrifting. Now to find one for me. :)

    And yay for letters! There's something about both the sending and receiving of them that make me so happy...butterflies inside every time. :)

  3. love how you capture "everyday-ness", madison.

  4. with me being such a tumblr addict, i was like "OH RIGHT IN THE FEELS" when 'feel's was listed up there. just saying.
    your photos are crazy adorable.

  5. you have the most beautiful family.
    love your blog, dear! it's always inspiring. xo

  6. i just love how you capture the little things. xo

  7. Adore these photos! Looks like a lovely time! :)

  8. These are really pretty pictures. I can't believe I haven't stumbled upon your blog before! new follower!


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