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for some reason, i always associate seasons with new beginnings. afterall, when nature changes, the change is a powerful one and not something we can ignore. seasons to me are second chances. chances to start fresh and begin a new. in some ways they truly are. we tend to take on patterns with how things naturally form around us. now that fall is among us, i realize how people depend on it. the trees change colors, the green is stripped and branches adorn themselves in reds and deep oranges and golden yellows. we too change our dress, less of summer's uniform and slipping into a phase of long jeans and sweatshirts that colors' promote the season. scarves around necks and knitted socks on feet. comfort is not just a wanted thing now, it is the trend for the season. the air takes a turn and becomes shockingly crisp. begging us outdoors. promising no stifling heat. we crave campfire foods and hot beverages. stock our cabinets with bags of fluffy marshmellows and boxes of chocolate powder mixes.
although we have the perfect picture of what each season should be, i see now that holding true to the form is impossible. and should it not be? i think its better this way, life is better this way. we have the little nitty gritty moments in between the choiced ones that go the way we want them to. crazy, unplanned, unsettled. i think those are the moments that make up real life, that create it and make it our own.
here is mine. fall is sitting by the one you love on a rock around a crackling fire under an endless star covered sky. wearing his hoodie, which is just a little oversized on you, but it keeps you warm and it smells of him. it is always having a mug of something hot on your desk in your room. it is the ground gradually being laden with leaves, that crunching sound when you take a walk. squirrels and chipmunks scampering in the trees and making it rain acorns. it is stopping the car in the drive to see the deer standing in the headlights' glow. it is truly marveling at your surroundings, fathoming your Father's handiwork, as He reveals a little more of the artist He is. knowing this masterpiece will change over the next few months, into something incredible and into something nothing less than beautiful.
this change is sometimes what we all need. i think its more than coinsidence though; that a delight comes with the arrival of fall. its something deeper, found only in asking from whom all blessings flow. every good and perfect thing is from above. it is no mistake, it doesn't just happen. my Father knows the number of hairs on my head, knows my heart. the coming of a new season is a reminder of the good things of life. it is another undeserved blessing that He pours out to me. winter, spring, summer, fall. these things come and leave, but i am never left wanting or left unsatisfied, because another season is on its way. there is time, and just enough of it. tomorrows are new days with no mistakes yet with mistakes waiting to be made. yesterdays are gone but the memories will last. my wish for this season is that i will not try and conform to what i think fall should be, but that i will embrace each day and whatever it holds. making the most of now and of this autumn.


  1. What lovely images. I hope your fall is a great one.

  2. gosh darn it, your posts make me cry sometimes. in a good way, but i repeat: gosh darn it. xo

  3. You're beautiful. And you write some pretty amazing stuff. Just sayin'.

  4. This is beautiful! Great post! :)

  5. Thank you for the beautiful words, Madison. The photos and phrases refresh me. Lovely post.

  6. Lovely thoughts. Autumn has always been a favorite of mine.


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