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my little es is not so little anymore, i notice that more and more with every photo i take. that frizzy hair on her head turns a light shade of copper in the sun light. and she can't keep those brown eyes closed for too long without giggling. she's my favorite, my only little sister. she has always been much more than just an early riser, really, even the sun can't beat this girl to greet the day. she is  a cuddle bug. a constant of energy. sweet and sassy. she's got a fantastic pair of lungs and loves to use them (cause who says you have to sing only in the shower?) comes home from school with the most interesting comments. is definitely a people person, a social butterfly. she has a content nature and is fine with a simple afternoon of doing nothing, just as long as she's with someone. she is forever asking me to hand over my camera and let her take a few shots of me. and in a way, the sweetness of her admiring my passion for photography, almost makes up for the fear i have of her dropping my camera. according to this child, there is no such thing as personal space; she's in everyone's bubble. and loves it there. smart as a whip, reads every written word, spells out almost every spoken one. although she's not the little girl she use to be, esther still has that innocence. the imaginative childlike mind that sparks those conversations between her and i. the ones about unicorns and fairy godmothers and how she is planning on living under the staircase in my house when i get married in the future. her smile is my reason to smile. she's more of a spark of lighning than a ray of sunshine. she's tech savy too. and this first grader is already is in want of a cell phone. baby girl, you're growing so fast. slow down. let these days sink in, make the most of each one. there's plenty of time for being grown up, it can wait. you can be little for a while longer. x


  1. beautiful, beautiful words. she's gorgeous, and loki is so cute! xo

  2. oh, film. it just tugs at your heartstrings. also, the dog's name is loki? oh my gosh. you're my best friend now.

    1. these actually were shot with my rebel xsi! funny though how much it resembles film, right?! i think its the sun or something.

      oh, i'm totally cool with being best friends, jocee. x

  3. These are BEAUTIFUL Madison!!! Ah, what a sweetheart! Esther is truly one of a kind, and a precious gift from God. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her; haha and i guarantee they remember her! She is such a joy to be around! haha I wish I actually WAS your sister so I could see you and Adeline all the time, and get to experience what seems to be like joyous day-to-day life with this little fire ball! :-) I miss you so much girlie!! I hope I can see you and Adeline soon! You have such a talent in photography, I LOVE to look at your work! It would be flippin SWEET if we could work together someday!! weee!!! anyways, I am praying for you and your family. I know God has fantastic plans for you guys, and he loves you more than anything!! You have such a positive and wise outlook on life, and it comes from none other than the presence of Christ in your life, and the wonderful personality he has gifted you with. You are truly beautiful inside and out! Dont ever forget that! I love ya girlie!!! Give Adeline hugs for me!

  4. your words, your sister, your photos, all amazing! she sounds so lovely, and she looks like it too! x

  5. Your sister sounds so sweet, and your dog's name is totally legit! ;) Lovely words and photos, Madison.

  6. She is a beauty.
    Love how you captured her.


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