thanks should be given every day; thoughts on this thanksgiving weekend


IMG_1138 IMG_1161-001 IMG_1248 IMG_1256 we stood there, we all stood there. hands clasping the hands of whoever stood beside. tummies rumbling, calling for the feast that awaited us. my little brother on the shoulders of my guy. we took our turn, we all took our turn. saying out loud of something we are truly thankful for. our freedom, healing, just right now. i watched as eyes filled with tears (because we all get a little emotional, that's just us). my parents looked at each other, expressions on their faces that told only of love. family and friends, being together, loved ones' homecoming. but the thanksgiving of my momma spoke loudest to me.
it was different this year, a circle gathering in the living room of my house. sun streamed through the windows although the air outside was chilly. ever since cancer touched my mom and my family, i can say that the worth of each day has meant something more to me. there is no such thing as a day wasted. because it is given. a gift. another twenty four hours to be with the people who fill the minutes with joy, the ones who make you wish you could relive minutes. life doesn't always go the way we plan it out. its never picture perfect or flawless. there are messes and arguments and runs that smear and destroy. but here we are, we have each other, we have an everlasting love by a God who will never leave us. taking our time for granted is just not worth the time spent. time is worth so much more, so much more.
i want to have a thankful heart.
when people see me, i want them to see a girl who is thankful for the life she's been given. that my actions and words would reflect the love of my Savior and the blessings He's bestowed on me. i want them to see Him. it shouldn't take something like a sickness to make me realize that life is something i should thank God for every single day. i should do that on my own. thankfulness should be something that comes out of knowing i am blessed beyond measure by a God who loves me beyond measure. it really should not be something that comes from fear of dying, the raw and bitterness of knowing life could be taken from me in a second. being thankful is a condition of the heart. i want so earnestly for my heart to always be thankful. but i forget, i get lost and caught up in my selfish way of living. as if this is my life and my time to spend how i wish it and to treat others based on my feelings. as if i am alive because of me. how wrong i am. i am alive because He gave me life. there's truth, the truth i need to etch on my heart. this is not my life, it belongs to the One who covered me in my mother's womb. my existance is soley because He is good. i'm here to bring Him glory. through loving others and giving my time to them and proclaiming His love to others. when i think of how awesome in might and in glory and in power He is, i'm baffled and embarassed as to why i sometimes believe that my own intentions are better than His. i need to realize my need for Jesus more and more. and it needs to start with having a content and thankful heart.
i am thankful for my mom who is brave and strong and is still fighting, for beautiful sunsets and sunrises, that my family is as close as they are, for forgiveness, for comforting words, for my devoted and faithful parents, for my freedom, for loving hands to hold, for clean water to drink, for acts of kindness, for always having what i need, laughter, weekends, for songs that trigger memories, for handwritten letters, grace, mercy, for honesty, for tears, for hot cups of tea, for a warm bed to sleep in.

now its your turn. thanksgiving. one word. what's yours?


  1. madison, your words are always so moving, so passionate, and so full of truth. i'll be praying for your mother, that she finds healing in Almighty Healer, and that you and your family will be filled with His peace.

    my one word: love. the love of my beloved, the love of my family and friends, and the love of my King.

    happy (belated) thanksgiving! xo

  2. oh darlin. this was beautiful. you write in such an honest way, and I love that. and those moments of going around, saying something you're thankful for during thanskgiving? those moments are truly so revealing and heartwarming and...just the best. yup.

  3. Madison, this post is so beautiful, so true, so honestly written (as Jenn said). It is really speaking to me, and so encouraging. This life isn't my own. It's not about me. It's about Christ, the One who gave me life. :) thank you Jesus.

    LOVE this so much. Thank you.



  4. Very beautiful and brave words, Madison. So touching to the soul...

    My one word would be... grace, God's grace that is. For without it, I don't know where I'll be right now.

    Take care, and stay strong in the Lord!

  5. Wow this post is incredibly touching! So beautiful... :)

  6. passion. that's my one word. this is brilliant. you are a master with words.

  7. forgiveness. so thankful for my family and Lords forgiveness. Beautiful post Madison. You have no idea how many times your family comes to my mind. I am continuing to pray for your Mom and family. I hope y'all are doing well. Sounds like y'all had a beast of a thanksgiving. ;) Awesome photos too btw :)


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