a little boy turned six today which makes him not so little anymore


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there is a tiny burst of reality that comes around with the birthday of a younger sibling. or a birthday of anyone. but with kids, the knowing is especially there. where has the time gone? it seems like just yesterday... words alike pop into your head and it hits you that these days are flying by.
solomon natnael turns six on this cloudy, fine wednesday.
he wished for a hot and ready cheese pizza from little ceasers.
granted, he pitched a two minute fit because we are making him wait till tonight to open his presents. granted, he pouts sometimes. granted, a little boy will be a little boy. this baby has taught me more than he knows about parenting and patience and what it means to let go. to let go of arguments, of the strictness of rules, to just be. he has always been the one with the fantastic imagination. his mind is color. his heart is good. solomon inclines himself to care for others. from the nest-thrown-baby bird we found years back on our walk in the woods, to a sick family member - he is constantly on the look out for ways to help, ways to nurture, to make life better for anyone and everyone. he is head strong, not easily swayed. he sometimes acts like bill cosby. he likes to listen to louis armstrong and old jazz.
my sweater was a bit much to fit him, but it was cozy. 
whenever i make a run to starbucks, he's up for the go. i can remember one sunday afternoon that he sat with me and drew pictures in his sketch book and sipped chocolate milk. it doesn't take much to keep him happy. he's content. he's a backseat driver, but that's okay. he is a star wars fanatic. he likes blue, lions, spiderman. he loves learning and loves his school.
the very first moment i saw him. he was tiny, wearing a white shirt. he was also wearing the sweetest grin i've ever seen. and waiting never had been so worth it. 
his first words were daddy, mommy, and moo. he loved to stick his tongue out as a baby. he would rock his head from side to side on his pillow to fall asleep at night. french fries were "dee-eyes", yogurt was "yogrit". i wasn't madison to him, i was meme. he was a persnickety picky eater. he was a man of many faces, mostly serious stare you down expressions that made us question if he'd ever smile again. but he did. he convinced us to build forts out of quilts in our living room and play jungle expedition. he was born with rhythm, born to dance, to move.
he finds the bright side in everything. 
and now six years have come and they've gone. i can honestly say i look forward to watching this kid grow up. because he's doing it right. happy birthday, little buddy.


  1. happy birthday to your little big boy, mads.
    beautiful words, beautiful heart.
    love you. you bless me.
    (and be looking for a very late package :)

  2. This is so sweet Madison. Thank you. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

  3. oh he is just precious. you are an incredible big sister! and your heart blesses me...and convicts me to become a better big sister as well. :)

  4. i know how you feel, friend. every time one of my seven siblings has a birthday, i'm hit with the realization that they're not going to be little forever. it makes me a wee bit sad. beautiful words - give the birthday boy a big hug for me. :)
    ( the alcove )

  5. Wow, that was really special.
    "His mind is color. his heart is good."
    This is such a heartfelt, beautiful post!

  6. this is too amazing, this is so raw and authentic. oh my.
    i was going to quote from this post just like erin, but couldn't pick the best part. wow.
    keep up the good work, lovely. xxx


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