happy christmas


it finally feels like christmas. to say that it feels like christmas seems so stereotypical. but as cliche as it sounds, we all are familiar with the moment it truly hits us. somewhere between the hectic rush of purchasing gifts and last minute tasks, i lose my head. a month that once seemed to crawl, now flashes by, almost racing to the twenty fifth. its then when i tell myself to breath in, breath out. wake up and smell the roses. roses? make that hot chocolate.


December 201111

if asked to sum up the holidays in one word, what would it be? my mind is instantly filled with words like hectic, rushed, crazed. oh my. isn't that terrible? often i'm caught up in the materialistic side of christmas. as much as i tell myself not to, it usually happens anyways. there's that dreaded recipe list that seems to go on for miles. every year when i'm asked what i want for christmas, i hesitate. okay, so hesitate would be an understatement. i stutter and grasp for ideas and basically end up with my mouth wide open like a codfish. but this year is different. i know exactly what i want. and you won't find it under a tree or in any department store. it can't be put in a box or a bag. bows and ribbons won't do either. no, this gift i am sure to recieve on christmas day.

my little siblings will wake earlier than i'd like them to, my family will sleepily settle in the living room. opening presents in the dark, excited smiles will illuminate. at noon my family with gather at my grandparent's as we do each christmas. we'll drink and eat and be merry. the cousins will retreat to the sunroom to sit by the fire, while the adults chat away in the dining room. we'll laugh and act rather silly like we usually do, until a realative comes and tells us to quiet down. then in the evening, my family will load into the minivan and we'll travel an hour or two. the holiday station will stream from the radio as we sing like a chior of angels darling family attempting to sound glorious. christmas dinner will be waiting for us at my uncle's apartment. on the drive home, we kids will fall asleep with each other's shoulders as pillows. back at the house, comfy and cozy in new pajamas, we'll catch the last special on tv. this is my christmas wish in a nutshell.


i wish nothing more than for a simple christmas day. to be surrounded with the people i love most in life is all i can ask for. to remind the ones who are far away that i miss them most internally. to let the walls of materialism drop once and for all, revealing the image of christmas. a picture of a lonesome common stable that is cast into light by a star from above. with hay strewn messily across the earthy floor, the scent of cattle lingers. a newborn lays in a manger, not a cry comes from his lips. the mother and father sit close, smiling down at their son. priceless gifts are layed before the child, wisemen kneel before him. shepherds stand amidst their herds of sheep, in awe at the sight. the tiny boy is sent to save the souls of men. cause the blind to see, the lame to walk, the broken to heal. to be betrayed, to die on a cross. to rise again, forever conquering death and to give life.
happy christmas, everyone!


  1. beautiful. love this. :))
    -jocee <3

  2. Beautiful holiday post!! Merry Christmas! :)

  3. I hope you have that wonderful Christmas wish come true. Your Christmas's sound wonderful. :)

  4. wonderful wonderful post. Merry Christmas!

  5. the last paragraph gave me the chills. literally. merry, merry christmas madison! xo.

  6. Lovely pictures! Merry Christmas! (:

  7. your photos and writing never cease to amaze me :) I know what you mean by the hustle and bustle of the holiday season being overwhelming...I have to make a strong effort to remember the real meaning of Christmas! Your family's Christmas seemed wonderful, and the last paragraph that drew a lovely picture of Christ's birth was touching to read. Hugs to you friend!!

    and thank you for your sweet comment about baby #2! We are so excited!! just a few more months :)


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