oh, hello twenty twelve


looking back on last year brings a smile to my face. wrapped in a web of fond memories, those past twelve months held so many things. some things changed, some stayed the same. although words can in no way fully express every happening, i can easily reflect on the moments that mattered most. to say that what went by was only time would be lacking. last year was a handful of lessons and little wonders. last year...i experienced that life could change in the blink of an eye. i learned to cope with that change. i tried to hold it all and piece things back the way they were. then i realized that i will never have everything together, and that's okay. i learned to let go. i crossed paths with some amazing people. i fell in love for the first time. i found that all i need is to rely on God, that's all i really need. there were so many things that only lasted minutes, those are the things that made the year what it was. time spent with people i love, silences, outbursts of laughter. those days i wished would last forever. those nights i cried myself to sleep. and like the end of a good book, it all came to a close. unsure of how long, another book is opened. the pages are blank and waiting to be written in.




as for resolutions, that's always been a hit and miss subject on my part. when i promise to shoot for goals or stop habits, rarely do i find myself completing what i so ambitiously began. exercise, health elements, silly little things i think to be important. however ,to be quite honest, i only have one wish for this year; to get closer to my Savior. the more i sit and think, it becomes clear to me that all my time and effort belongs to Him. not because it makes me feel better or it puts a positive note on everday. but soley because He is worthy of my everything, deserving of every praise from my mouth. this year, i want to fully devote myself to the teachings of Jesus. i want Him to have His way in me. because when everything is stripped away, only He remains. i want to know that more than anything this year. so here it goes...welcome twenty twelve.



what are some of the things you hope this year holds for you?


  1. lovely, lovely post. i adore the first photo. i'm hoping this year holds happiness and great opportunities. :))
    -jocee <3

  2. beautiful post Madison.
    nothing in particular, just more laughter.

  3. This is great!! I find myself not really holding true to my resolutions too so I usually never make any. I just kind of make them when I feel motivated. Haha. Today I felt motivated to start working out four or five days a week and cut out as much coffee as possible.

    I hope this year holds memories I won't want to forget and times of joy, happiness, and contentment.

  4. Beautiful shots♥ Happy 2012, Madison!


  5. My 'resolution' this year is much like yours... I intend to love God more. There is always room for improvement in that area and it's a goal I believe I can accomplish.

  6. this is so good! a mutual resolution between many, and one that is most important.. love it!

  7. Love the pic with the blue sky. So beautiful.
    And love what you said about growing in your faith this year!

  8. Beautiful post!
    I hope for a year full of excitment and happiness :)


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