i'm okay without the sunshine


the past few days here have been accompanied with a constant drizzle of rain. outside my window, orange shriveled leaves quiver in the soft wind. the trees appear so barren and still, the sky is a sullen grey. drops of rain race slowly against the pane. a climate condition that would typically leave me pining for sunshine, strangely composes this tuesday in january. with the mini laptop resting on my legs, i cross my feet and lean back into the moutian of pillows around my shoulders.



the copy of of mice and men is closed and back in its proper place among a score of finished books. i just finished typing out a pretty dynamic essay (i'm not sure if dynamic is exactly the word to describe it, i can only hope it is). now i'm sipping a cup of tea. can i please point out the realization that i have unknowingly conditioned myself to drink tea at the end of my studies each day. yes, almost like a sweet award, a hot drink wraps up the schoolwork perfectly. i have become quite protective of my tea (in a house of seven, that's how it has to be) and have transfered it from the tea cabinet to my room. is it odd that i now keep a few boxes of tea on the headboard of my bed?

oh oh oh. i have news. a few of my friends recently have started tumblr blogs. i use to have my own until i became too ridiculously undedicated, so i wiped it clear. perhaps now that my friends have plunged into the art of tumblring, i can bring mine back to life. heaven knows if i possess the will power to keep up with it, but i shall give it my best endeavore. here it is



something i like? discovering unfamilar bands and artists. unfamilair, that is, until i catch wind of them. then i tend to play their songs into the ground. my friend and i texted for almost hours, staying mainly on the subject of music. he passed on several suggestions and favorites for me to try. i then listened to various stations on pandora for a whole afternoon. the result? i have constructed an entire new playlist which is now streaming from my ipod. matchbox twenty, vertical horizon, rob thomas, lifehouse, 3 doors down, kings of leon, five for fighting, and red. i'm sort of in a music coma here.


my journal lies open next to me. i noticed last night as i was writing, that i have nearly broken the back of my precious sketch journal. trying very hard not to cry, i promised myself to take extra care when it comes to handling it. i suppose though, that in a way, it should make me smile. i have written so much since may of last year, that the hand-binded cover is wearing out. the pages are yellowed towards the front of it. a little more than half of them remain empty. i have loads of journals. loads of them. but this one remains to be my absolute favorite. writing out my thoughts is far easier than trying to say them.

and just because she's cute and french, you have to watch this. happy tuesday, friends.


  1. i swooned so many times while reading this post. i followed your tumblr blog, and the kitten gifs are so positively adorable that i swear i died of cuteness. gush.
    lovely post, lovely photos! :))
    -jocee <3
    {pee ess: your little brother doing the peace sign? too. cute. seriously.}

  2. hahahaha that video is hilarious! I love the way she says "hippopotame" haha

  3. oh my, this post is my favorite of yours so far. so beautifully written, and gorgeous photos my dear. and yes, I can be possessive over my boxes of honey vanilla chamomile tea as well; don't despair.

  4. "And the hippo was allergic to magic!" LOL no way me too!

  5. first, your blog is such a happy place on the internet. and i love it :)
    second, cheers to embracing rain and gorgeous gray skies...I grew up with that living in Washington, makes me smile thinking about it.
    third, your brother is just. plain. adorable.
    fourth, i love that you write in journals and that that one is so lovingly worn.
    fifth, i've seen that video a while ago and forgot how much i ADORE it!! heehee :) thanks for sharing!

    happy wednesday Madison!


  6. cute♥ i'm not really sure what tumblr is for... sounds kinda boring. Love Rob Thomas!!

    Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  7. i almost miss the rain, coming as i do from washington. it's too dry here. your brother is sooo adorable! love it! when i find a new artist, i always run them to the ground, much to the displeasure of my sister. ah well.

  8. i love tea, just saying.
    this post was beautiful! and i always love seeing your drawings; you are so talented in so many areas!


  9. what a sweet video, beautiful pictures, and just a wonderful post in general :)

  10. how lovely! I <3 your photographs. ;) oh, and tea is definitely worth protecting. *wink, wink*

    hi, I just {like this minute} discovered your blog through Oriana's and let me just say: I love it. and I'm a new follower. ;)

    many blessings,
    come stop for tea in my garden @ gracesgardenwalk.blogspot.com


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