ends and beginnings


i once heard a quote that said something to the extent of "where there is an end, there is a beginning". the more i ponder on this, the more i begin to realize this has a lot of truth to it. to begin, or, to end. which one sounds more appealing to you? before you answer, skim over these thoughts if you will.

take a book for instance. a thrilling novel chock full of words. the story draws us in and encaptures our attention. it takes us to a different world. it entertains us. we can't help but be reluctant to leave. but we know almost involuntarily that the binder will have to be closed, the book slid back on the shelf. its the simpliest thing in life, something we all are aware of. the end is unavoidable. and what we fail to remember is that there are more books on the shelf.

setting forth on an adventure, the first few steps on a journey. it is filled with the hope of discovery. mountians and hills, valleys and rivers may stand in the path, of which we pass by and climb over. traveling can be rough, but the journey is the prize, for along the way we are rewarded with experiences unlike any we could find at home. finally though we reach it. the destination surrounds us and the adventure has come to an end. suddenly feelings of accomplishment turn to boredom. although we can't see it, there remain unwalked paths and adventures yet to be had.

lights low, music soft, the dance begins. swaying slowly to the rythmn of the atomosphere. we can't help but we wish it would last forever. we immediately make up our minds that we can forget sleep altogether, that we can dance all night long. our minds slip into a gentle calm, completely lost in the moment. then our thoughts are interrupted as the music ends. we let go. its easy to sink back into wishing the dancing would go on. but as long as there is music left in the world, there will be more dancing.
(these were taken by a six year old. dang, my sister has talent i think.) 
we might agree that beginnings are generally exciting and promising. though at the same time, endings aren't necessarily sad and depressing. of course there are a fair share of heartbreaks and let downs in life, which lead us to think that endings are bad. when you really think about it though, an ending to one thing is only a beginning to something else. the end is often thought of something that crashes down and destroys, where really, it is only a door that has opened to another place. sometimes the end comes unexpectedly, sometimes we're just waiting on it. the end can hurt, it can cut deep. but time can heal those wounds. what's more, we have the memories to hold us over until then. some memories will go so far to last a lifetime. we'll always have the recollections of the story, the tales of adventure, the sweet memories of the dance. nothing can take those away.  
there's no denying that everything we have now will end. one day, these possessions will crumble to dust, the world will shatter. the sun, moon and stars will fail to shine. things will fall and be torn apart. but something will remain. my God, my Savior, who is not bound by time. and what an amazing thing... that death is not an end because of Jesus. it is the beginning of a beautiful forever.


  1. everything is gorgeous. love love love this post. :))
    -jocee <3

  2. Beautiful. I think I prefer ends to beginnings. Something satisfying about the completion of something.

    Looks like your little sister just might be a photographer!

  3. another gorgeous post! also, this picture? whoa. kinda looks like an alien landscape :)

  4. that was so beautiful and so insightful.(:

  5. All of these photos are simply gorgeous!

  6. Oh, this is stunning!!! :) I <3 all of your photographs.

    tending her garden @ gracesgardenwalk.blogspot.com

  7. Beautiful post! And man, that 6 year-old has serious talent! :)

  8. Love. love love love. such a beautiful post -- you're so talented, writing and photography!

  9. "but as long as there is music left in the world, there will be more dancing."


    this whole thing was so gorgeous. I was getting chills. and the way you brought it back to our promised forever with Jesus...

    yeah. I loved this post.

  10. E has a good teacher!
    I'm going to go ahead and say I prefer the "inbetweens"

  11. Love the photos... especially the ones of you that your sister took! <3 :)

  12. I love your blog. :) And yeah I think you should watch out for that up and coming photographer!

  13. Your photography is gorgeous! Your writing...is ahhmazing. I got way to into that post. Just beautiful. I can not believe a six year old took those pictures. crazy good. :))


  14. Just saw your mom's latest blog post -- I'm sorry :(
    I'll be praying for strength and peace from the Lord!

  15. You're so pretty :) You look like Ellen Page! x


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