the fourteenth of february



February 20125
today began with a faint ring as a sweet goodmorning text popped up on the screen of my phone. i haven't stopped smiling since. my home is filled with the oh so familiar air of nostalgia. valentine's day has forever been a special time for my family. i can honestly say i am so happy today. its a happiness of knowing everything will be okay, that love does exist. the fourteenth is the one day in february where a constant stream of love songs is playing in the living room. and we don't mind if taylor swift is played a million times over, or if you choose to sing at the top of your lungs. all afternoon, my mother busied herself in the kitchen, miraculously preparing a delicious italian meal. spontaneous valentine letters came in the mail earlier. the one sent from my grandparents in wyoming, i opened to find a small vintage package of dried leaves and spices. so many interesting and honest conversations with my little siblings have occured today. the subject of love coming from their hearts and minds makes me happy. "i suppose i'll have to get married soon, this is valentine's day after all." -solomon, age four. "guess what? i love you madison" -samson, age three.
i curled my hair and strung a locket around my neck for dinner tonight. moments away, my grandparents will pull into the drive and squeals of excitement will sound from three little ones. we will all gather together around the table and enjoy a meal, each other's company too. more letters will be exchanged. stories will be exchanged. looking forward to this evening, my only other wish is that somehow every loved one could be here with us.

i hope that today is a day in which you will remember that love is the greatest thing we have to offer, the greatest thing ever given to us. it bears, believes, hopes, and endures all things. so even if on this valentine's day, you, like me, are in a daze of wistful dreaming and enchantment...never fail to forget the perfect love of Jesus.


  1. this was lovely, like a song. the writing flowed beautifully, like you were pouring out your heart. i truly enjoyed it. and that first shot? beautiful =)

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  2. This is so beautiful. The pictures are lovely, too. Happy Valentine's Day. :)

  3. looove the first photo! your valentine's day sounds really wonderful :)

  4. So beautiful Madison. The first 2 pictures are so pretty. (:

  5. this is just stellar. solomon and samson are just too precious! great post :))
    -jocee <3

  6. Goodness. Stunning words and pictures. So beautiful!!

  7. happy valentines day, madison! (: ahh, your little siblings are adorable. oh, I love your necklace.
    also, receiving valentines/letters is such a treat. one of my good friends is off at college and I sent her a package for valentines day. it's almost as much fun to give as to get, I think.

  8. That first photo is so lovely! Beautiful pictures!


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