somewhat of a journal entry


because of the pressing need to finish some homework, this post will greatly resemble a page jotting. disorganized and a bit choppy, it follows the not-so-specific pattern of the entries in my notebooks. i admit it is easier for me to come up with words and such if i spill out everything at once. important or not, i'm making an account of it. so here it goes.


its february now, and i quite like it. january seemed to drag on far too long. the early nights and dreary weather was getting to me, i was ready for february less than halfway into january. ah, but here it is finally. i don't exactly know why i've always been so fond of february. valentine's day, you ask? yes and no. i certianly hold a positive view on the whole idea of this day. what can i say, i've anticipated the fourteenth of february every year ever since i was a little girl. i'm sure the sole reason is my parents. they've given me a true and pure example of what it means to be in love. to sacrifice for one another, for the ones you love. also, there's something sweet about the idea of receiving flowers and chocolate. not exactly the stereotypical aspect of this day, which can get too mushy and a little ridiculous. yet, a whole day reserved for simply reminding each other that love exists? its a good thing. february also holds the promise of coming spring. tiny white flowers speckle the wood's floor, itty bits of green burst from every branch. birds rehearse their songs and life is sprouting forth from everywhere. it gives the chance to start anew, to redo, to begin again. february. what's not to love?



hunger games. have you read them? i finished the first book a few days ago. starting it long ago, my reading of it became delayed because of my studies. then one day when all was settled down, i picked it back up again. it went by quickly. i got rather sentimental when i closed the binder, something that hasn't occured since the days of harry potter. rewarding enough though, i discovered taylor swift and civil wars' song for the sountrack on itunes (please. civil wars and taylor swift. together. just brilliant). bought it. listened to it. a million times in fact. the song reminds me of katniss and peeta, staying in the cave together towards the end of the novel. gosh. anxious to read the next two, i'm even more ready for march to hurry and arrive. this will be one amazing movie, i'm sure.

this music video. its probably the sweetest thing ever. stay young go dancing. i've forever kept this song on my ipod for listening. its recently become the perfect melody for spontaneous sibling dances. there's just nothing like having all six of us in my room, the strings of lights glowing around us like fireflies, death cab giving us a harmony. i grasp two little hands and start spinning. a belly-laughing smile circles me. speaking of dancing, my ballet recital theme has been revealed. degas. my class will bring his famous ballerina paintings and sculptures to life, or at least we hope to, on stage this may. costumes are still a mystery of now. we have already covered one minute and forty five seconds of our class number of five minutes. simple and classic.

p.s. i'm feeling yet again the desire to alter my blog. maybe a bit, maybe more than that. what are your thoughts? i'd really love to know.


  1. I loved this post! and the pictures are gorgeous as always.
    I, for one, am head-over-heels in love with your blog design. but changes are always good :)

  2. i so agree about the hunger games. the most beautiful thing ever. i'm on the last book now and though i'm kind of depressed, i still love it. and peeta.
    great post! love those photos! it think your blog is lovely the way it is. but, if you feel the need to change it, then i can't wait to see what you come up with {<< that part didn't help at all, did it? sorry :P} :))
    -jocee <3

  3. good to hear from you! I loved the last picture, and the music video. Journal entries are the best kind of posts. This one was great =)
    I think the blog could be a little bigger? the sidebar seems a little squished. Other than that, I love the header, and everything else. But do what you want - it's your blog =)

    Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  4. Wowwwwwwwwwyyyyy. Gorgeous pictures!

  5. i completely thought the same thing when I first the CIVIL WARS and TAYLOR SWIFT sing SAFE AND SOUND.
    I cried too.
    But I pictured Peeta and Katniss...
    In the cave..
    Katniss allowing her wall to be chipped at.
    Peeta loving and joyful.
    The Cave scene.

    Lord Willing march will come soon and I will enjoy THE HUNGER GAMES :).


  6. I love journal posts. They are just more real. I totally LOVE your design, but I understand the feeling of wanting to change. Maybe, just darken some of the texts where you can click on things like "older posts" and such.

  7. do alter it! i totally understand how you feel. an altering always does me good - i'm sure it'll do the same to you.


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