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i'll probably never look at a pair of glasses without thinking of that one little house on the prairie episode. for the past several years, my sister and i watched the series constantly. we were those dorky girls who were more entertained by the ingalls family than by anything else on television. one of my most loved episodes of the show was about mary getting her glasses. of course, nellie and willie poked fun at her, chanting four eyes, four eyes in the schoolyard. in the end though she found that it was her personality that defined who she was, not the spectacles around her eyes. // a couple of years ago, i had to get glasses too. and like mary, i was appalled. the thought of having something unfamiliar on my face annoyed me. but now? my glasses and i are sympatico. a clear and crisp view of the world around me is essential. aaaand i recently bought new frames. they're black. and square-ish. i don't know why but i feel a notch smarter when i wear them. somewhere between nerd and high honor student. its a good thing.

a friend suggested i check this out. honestly though, after reading up on it, i was just plain shocked. dislocate the lens from the body? risk the danger of dust reaching that important tiny mirror inside? pish posh. (shakes head slowly) yeah right. (raises eyebrows) like i'd do that. (shameful rolling of the eyes) well, okay, so i ended up trying it. an odd technique. a little weird. out of the ordinary. nevertheless, i am quite pleased with the results. mind you, it felt like i was on pins and needles the entire time. afterall i was being overly careful and cautious while shooting. it was definitely worth the leap. you can read more about freelensing here.

happy tuesday, friends!


  1. that third shot is breathtakingly lovely♥ you have such pretty eyes! i have glasses too... i hate wearing them, though. they get in my way /=)

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  2. i remember that episode! little house has been apart of my life always. you're so beautiful. great post :))
    -jocee <3

  3. you are gorgeous. love these little snippets. and just adore your glasses!
    xo TJ

  4. FINALLY! I'm so glad you can see now! And I don't have to worry about you driving ;) They're really cute, that's what I wanted but I thought at the time that the black looked bad with my pale complextion *whatever to me*. You look gorgeous in them, and yes, glasses make one feel so smart:)

  5. I've worn glasses for years and, like you, used to think them a big too weird. But now I love them. I think they really define a person. And there are so many cute frames to choose from they end up being a fashion accessory :)

  6. Yes, I know what you mean about glasses. I've finally started wearing mine daily and give up on contacts for a while. I love it. :) Beautiful pictures, too! I'm going to go read that article now. :)

  7. You look great in glasses! And I can totally relate-I didn't want glasses at first, but they really do make the world so much clearer!
    Gorgeous pictures, as always...I may have to try freelensing!(:

  8. ah yes, I'm dreadfully nearsighted, but I'm not allowed to wear glasses all the time because I can't wear them for close-up work. so I wear them when I drive and watch movies. as annoying as it can be to take them on and off, I love how well I can see with them. (: aaand I totally want to try freelensing sometime! you, I'd be awfully afraid at first.

  9. And glasses are super cute on you :)

  10. You look great in the glasses Mad! What took you so long?:)


  11. lady, this is beautiful. i'm like crazy scared of free-lensing. did it once and freaked out that i'd drop my lens, get a sensor full of dust, break my camera somehow. hah. but these pictures are BEAUTIFUL. inspired me. love them!

    and your glasses are so cute on you. like, seriously. :)


    1. also, love little house on the prairie. like crazy. we got the entire series for christmas and have been watching them all the way through since. so good.

  12. 1) you're ridiculously pretty and 2) isn't freelensing wonderful? I, too, was skeptical when I first tried it a few weeks ago, but it's magic.

  13. looking gorgeous in your new frames! :) And Madison, how do you do it?? you capture photos of simple branches and greenery, and the images have such depth and beauty. keep on snapping...seriously, you're going to be famous one day and I'm going to be able to say I followed her work when she had barely started! :)


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