a letter to green





March 20121
see that little wisp protruding from the top of my head? yeah. its next to impossible to control such rebellion.





dear pretty little green things,
i am so happy you've finally decided to appear. you are a nice touch of color amidst the solemn greys of winter. consider yourselves as tiny bursts of life, reminders of spring to those of us who pine for warmer weather. also, you are a darn good reason for me to catch up on my outdoor-picture-taking. you are my excuse to have a-walking-out-the-front-door-self-portrait-session. i mean who wants to sit inside when you're out there?! i can't help but smile at the way you inhance your surroundings. you bring to mind other hues that will come out of hiding too. off whites, rosy pinks, loud yellows. and soon enough your buds of fluff will change form and blossom into smooth new leaves. like a miniature army fighting for your season, you will conquer these woods. your color will sweep like wildfire across these country hills and fields, leaving behind nothing less than beauty. watching you grow will be my pleasure. so soak up these delicious rays of light that fall from above. drink in every drop of rain and listen closely to each roll of thunder. usher this spring in, like you've done in years past. we're more than ready for it.


  1. about that wisp of hair, i know what you mean. the same is rebelling against me at the moments.
    lovely photos! green is most certainly coming back to my town. though we haven't exactly had anything other than green except for brown, i'm happy it's returning. great post :))
    -jocee <3

  2. beautiful pictures & post! i love your self-portraits. :)

  3. OH MY GOODNESS. SPRING!!! :) Loooooooooooove these pictures!

  4. so beautiful :) You and your beautiful pictures :)

  5. oh, your hair is beautiful. And so are these shots of spring!


  6. i am so jealous. like, seriously. so beautiful! and i love your hair -- so cute. :)

  7. That little wisp is just too adorable! And the little green sprouts are enchanting. I've never experienced spring, but I'm sure it's marvelous.

  8. your a great writer girl. I've only known California where winter is a little rain mixed with more sunshine. Glad you were able to stop and appreciate the lovely creation set before you! Love the self portrait!


  9. such a sweet post, and beautiful pictures! and your hair looks really cute :-)

  10. ahh, now I really want the trees around here to bud. lovely, madison. your photos are always to die for. (:

  11. Oh my. This is stunningly gorgeous. AHHH! Everything - too beautiful.

  12. these photos are ridiculously gorgeous. I've almost made it a game to see what new things have bloomed and budded every day. oh, and yes, I have the most stubborn wisp of hair, too. I'll call it character ;)


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