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March 20129


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this morning my family took a trip to the zoo, taking advantage of the beautiful temperatures outside. the drive was filled with windows rolled down, heads of hair blowing in the breeze. passing by everything from rustic fields to snug suburbs. marveling at the miles and miles of sky, cotton white clouds and splinters of jet trails. reaching the bamboo-lined pavement, making a note the van is parked in the lion lot (let's not forget, shall we?). meandering through the zoo's pathways, observing the exotic creatures who were enjoying the weather as much as me. the flamingos' knobby knees deep in crystal water. meerkats basking in sunlight then scrambling into their cool tunnels beneath. mccaws staring inquisitively at the humans on the other side of the fence. gibbons' black bodies swinging carelessly from the highest trees. true, we did overlook the girrafes and elephants due to the tired out wimps we call our legs. but no matter. hearing the buzz of crushing ice and watching the colored drops of flavor pour into a paper cone. shuffling through the reptile house, gasping for breath in the sticky air (seriously considering on writing a letter requesting better air conditioners for that sauna). admiring the buds and blooms scattered throughout the grounds. no, seriously. i'm sure these people were all thinking this poor child, more entranced by a bush than by this wild goose gulping down pond water. the zoo is just one of those places that beckons nostalgia, the fond moments of my childhood spent there. seeing my younger siblings experience the same memories is almost like reliving them myself. and although i cannot account today as a big adventure, it was our little adventure. i have decided that time with my family is time worth taking indeed.

what is/has been your favourite family outing?


  1. your posts make me want to curl up and sip a cup of tea slowly, smoke trailing through my fingers. beautiful words and photos. x

  2. I still enjoy the zoo...I don't think I ever grew up! And the meerkats have always been my favorite. I love watching them stand up on their hind legs, peering inquisitively at us humans! xx.

  3. OH. MY. GOSH. I love the little fellow on his haunches!!! SO, SOOOOOO CUTE!! I'm going to a drive through zoo this Saturday! CANNOT WAIT. :)

  4. Beautiful words and photos! I wish we had a zoo where I lived!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous pictures Madison! I love your new design as well (:

  6. Some of my ALL TIME favorite memories happened at that zoo with my family. It is a wonderful zoo. In April we head to the Anchorage zoo can't wait to see if it holds the same magic as the Nashville zoo!

  7. ha! the animal just posed right for you. too cute. :))
    -jocee <3

  8. Beautiful pictures. We love taking trips to the D.C. zoo every once in a while. It's one of the best I've been to and always makes for an entertaining afternoon.

  9. I loved the shots of the meerkats. They're so cute♥ Great post!



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