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March 201214


March 201215

my six year old sister, "hold it right there, meme! the lighting is goooorgeous!" this kid is way to much like me.  

its these kinds of mondays that i don't mind. waking up, only to find that reality is finally better than my dreams. a morning spent studying in a chair on the back porch, an orange waiting to be peeled and a cup of tea. the warm air is inviting enough to allow my schoolwork to be accomplished in the great outdoors. and the gentle breeze is gracious enough to cool my brow without sending my test papers flying away. i don't know exactly what it is about being outside, but it clears my mind and my thoughts. after a quick spring-cleaning of my bedroom, my little sister and i walk hand in hand down the lane. (we actually had to break the hand in hand a few times because of our two wreckless little bike-riding brothers...either they like to run straight into us, or, we are invisible). she shares my love for photographing flowers, so we make a game of who can spot the most. the rest of the afternoon is filled with my nose in a book, family conversations, and much-needed grooming of the chihuahua. now i'm listening to the soft swing of michael buble, watching the sun set, casting a hazy yellow on the hints of green below. today made me happy, this week is already looking up.


  1. wow, this is a beautiful post.!
    you are so pretty and that lighting really is gorgeous!(:


  2. That picture of you is gorgeous! Your little sister took it? She's already got some serious talent. ;) Your day sounded beautiful.

  3. you. are. so. pretty! your monday sounds like the kind of day i wake up from ;)


  4. sounds like a lovely day :)

  5. i didn't mind last monday either. it was perfect. love this!
    -jocee <3

  6. lovely post, madison! I love the pink blossoms and that picture of you is really good. Your little sis is going to be quite the photographer :-)


  7. Lovely, lovely!!! The second picture(s) is my fave!!!


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