recapping these last few days of march


March 201228

can you believe that march is nearly gone?! here we are, another week begins. and i'm hoping this one won't just fly by. i want to make each day count. the amazing thing is that i don't have to try and fill my life with good things, those are blessings that come. // yesterday was spent on downtown's mainstreet with my sister and friend. window shopping and admiring all the pretty things in all the shops. learning that my sister is not dependable when it comes to crosswalks (to all you drivers; thankyou for not running us over, even though your light was green. and thankyou for being patient with we girls who tend to stall in the middle of the road). we roamed down neighborhood sidewalks, adoring the most beautiful houses with the most stunning front lawns. we came very close to tossing ourselves onto the softest looking grass. we enjoyed hummus with pita and hoagies, frozen yogurt, java frapps, and the rest of my sweet mint chewing gum. a stop by target found us lost in an aisle, trying on ridiculously tall pumps and attempting to walk and laughing so hard and thank goodness for the kind employees who put up with our nonsense. also, discovering we share a love for our home roots? country music from the radio all the way home. gosh i love those two girls! sadly i have no photos now to show you from this outing. soon enough though, i will develope the film and have them up here. // this morning was the great prom dress hunt with my mom and sister. stressful but yet successful. the funny part? my dress is pink, my sister's is purple. basically those are our signature colors from when we were little girls. a little ironic that we would end up wearing these hues for senior year. oh, sentimental us. then began the search for the shoes, a most eventful task for the girl who cannot seem to watch where she's going (to the fellow shopping lady in the shoe store; my deepest apologies for running into you, stepping on your toes, and nearly knocking you to the floor). but all is well now. a dress hangs in my closet and i am prepared for the big night in april. i celebrated just me and myself and i and my camera. a walk to the creek to stroll barefoot in the sun sparkling water. a desperate five minutes of trying to balance nice little swing in the hammock. lying on my stomach in the leaves to photograph a baby plant. and back inside for a quick rearragement of the photos above my desk.

well, i'm off to fold a basket of clean clothes and listen to a movie score. have a happy tuesday xx


  1. that first photo is so magical, that i don't know what to do with myself.
    also, what movie score? i'm stuck on "the hunger games" score and the "my week with marilyn" score. both utterly fantastic.
    -jocee <3

    1. great minds think alike! i've been listening to the hunger games score all afternoon. i'll have to look the other one up. c:

  2. I love your photo of the wooden post. Weather worn, it forms such a beautiful (natural) pattern that I'm sure I would never notice and appreciate.

  3. I agree with Jocee- that first photo IS magical! I can't believe March is almost over either. It seems like each year the months fly by faster and faster!

  4. love your words and photos. it's crazy that it's almost april. every year that passes seems to fly by more swiftly, and it's all I can do to sit back and enjoy the day that is now. also, I expect to see your prom dress, hear me, lady? xx

  5. The first photo = love. I can't believe April is almost here- enjoying everyday when the days fly by is a difficult thing. <3

  6. love the bokeh, love your shoes, and love that photo arrangement. yay for days out shopping with best friends--those are such special, cherished moments, aren't they? and I definitely call for photos of you in your dress. (:

  7. beautiful pictures!! I need to do a clothespin collage like that some time :) so cute :)

  8. That first photo is stunning! I've been wanting to do something like that for my room. :) The hammock also looks dreamy. Lovely post, dear.

  9. i love how relaxed and dreamy this post was. Great shots, too.

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  10. Great shots. I love the first shot. You have a talent.

  11. Also, I couldn't find it on any of your pages, and I've been curious -- what camera do you use? =)


  12. Hello my new favourite blog!! Gorgeous gorgeous pictures,and your siblings are adorable!!

  13. photos are all wonderful : )
    blog :


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