feeling under the weather


this morning was rough. my stomach felt like it had wound itself into a million different knots. head was swimming. skin was achy and sensitive. when i woke up, i was resolved to staying curled up in soft covers and hugging my pillow, had it not been for the sweet goodmorning from the boy. his words told me that i'm treasured and that i'm loved. now how should i sleep away my day knowing that? i was inspired to write then and there. so i grabbed my favorite ink pen and a torn open envelope and sketched a list on the blank white.
-be comfy. muster some courage, search through your wardrobe, pick out something cozy. it doesn't matter if these clothes safely stay within the rules of fashion. the goal is for you to be as comfortable as possible. my favorite socks, a cotton tshirt, and soft burlap capri pants became my outfit today. the next step is to locate the best places within your house. my bed of course is a capital choice. or the leather couch in my living room. or the hammock on the porch.
-fresh air. assuming you're not bedridden, step outside and take it all in. a gentle breeze, the steady rythmn of falling rain, the warmth of sun rays. watch clouds pass and the green leaves sway. because nature is better enjoyed this way than through your bedroom window. oh and psst! as long as you're feeling up to a stroll in the great outdoors, take your camera along. you'll be glad you did.
-a treat or two. you've heard me say it before and i will say it again. hot peppermint tea. i'm not entirely sure why, but a cup of this heavenly liquid helps. and while we're getting in a fair amount of caffeine, lets eat a few dark chocolate covered acai berries, shall we?
-good music. its amazing what this one can do. there's nothing like a playlist of your favorite tunes to distract a headache. thank heavens for pandora radio. discovering some new lovely songs? pure joy for this girl. here are a few of my recent findings; the call, by regina spektor // a thousand years, by christina perri // i will follow you into the dark, by death cab for cutie.
-a book. nourishment for the mind as i call it. reading an encapturing novel or story can take you somewhere else. away from your present condition if only for a moment. it gives you something to think about, a kind of entertainment. cough cough, and it doesn't hurt if the book has a pretty cover. just sayin'.
-the best kind of medicine. oh, this one's golden. because you don't need to take a trip to the store to find it. you can't find it in the pharmacy. all you need is someone. this person can say something funny, tell you something sweet, or simple just be there for you. and there you have it. a smile. a laugh. a hand to hold. knowing someone cares about you is what makes me feel better everytime. their words can have such an effect to completely turn your day around. this goes both ways too, you know. so if you know someone who's not feeling their best, your 'feel better words' could turn out to be the nicest sound they've heard yet.

what things would you add to this list? do share! xx


  1. I love this! And yes, hot peppermint tea is a must when you're not feeling great. :)

    ~ Abby

  2. The perfect list of things to do when you're under the weather. I'm sick myself. Hope you get better soon!

  3. Feel better, Madison!!!! And I love that last picture! SO COOL.

  4. Aw, hope you're feeling chipper soon! I know that icky sick feeling. It's horrible. That list of things is so true, even for a person who's not sick. Haha. I'm glad you've got someone in your life to cheer you up, friend. ;)

  5. These photos are gorgeous and your list is perfect! :)

  6. for the record? pride & prejudice is the best book ever. it's absolutely hilarious. get better, darling!
    -jocee <3

  7. 1] these photos are so purty. 2] your list is perfection. 3] those penguin classics books we talked about a few weeks ago are the bomb.com and I was so happy to see one of them here.
    feel better soon, love! x

  8. madison, this is so good. such a perfect get-well, feel-good kind of list. I love this. and you. feel better, chica! x

  9. I love this Madison! So very creative and inspiring. Feel better soon <3

  10. I will be using this when I start school again next week! Oh, and by the way, your photos are beautiful, and sounds like you've got a perfect boy. :)


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