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flowers sent via email last evening from my guy. how sweet is he?!
oh, what to say first. i guess i could start off by telling you that yesterday was a good easter day. there was amazing weather of sunshine and a constant breeze, the perfect conditions for egg hunting at my grandparent's house. after much eating of delicious foods, the adults gathered in the shady cool of the large front porch to watch the games begin. i, sadly reaching the "too old to hunt" age, placed the candy filled colored eggs around the yard along with some of the older cousins. we efforted a bit of a challenge this year for the children; hiding the eggs among bushes full of flowers, high above in the branches, and beneath the covering of mosses and plants. yes, it was a vigorous event as the kids rushed out the door with baskets in hand. the hiding of eggs took approximately twelve times longer than the actual hunt. these children were expert egg finders. as the afternoon rolled by, the games went on. frisbee in the fields. a very unorganized tournament of soccer in the yard. catch ball. golf cart excursions. and all that accompanies spending time with family which is of course laughter and tears and talk of old times. later that evening on the drive home, i snatched out my camera and captured some of the passing scenes. maybe it was the soft glow of the sunset on the blue and red blooming fields, or the night flying bugs dancing in the rays of dusk, but something was beautiful about that day. even more so, arriving home and finding flowers in my inbox from him. and getting to skype until my eyes started to reveal just how tired i was from the day. my Father has blessed me beyond words in countless ways with countless wonders. a close relationship with my family and good times with them. a someone who always makes me smile. good things to eat and a warm bed to come home to. i could go on and on...but what these things should make me love more is my Jesus. the beauty of the sky points to the beauty of Him. my guy's selfless love for me is miniscule compared to the neverending love of Jesus. the family i am in is a divine placement made by a Father who cares for me. and above all else, God has given me the most priceless gift imaginable; Christ. as i reflect back on yesterday and today and await tomorrow, may i always be grateful for what Jesus has done. that He is my Savior, my reason for living.


  1. Sounds like fun! I miss Easter egg hunts! And I'm glad you have someone who makes you smile and feel special, Madison. That's all that matters. Hope life is treating you fairly well. :)

  2. sounds like a beautiful + fun day, lady! :) and your words on your boy are the sweetest. x

  3. beautiful, madison! God has blessed you with an awesome family and the sweetest boy :) xx.

  4. awh, this seriously sounds like the sweetest day. and I have to ask--do you use a film camera or have you added the grain in post-processing? it's such a unique look--I especially love the b&w flower shot and the ones of the sky. (:

    1. i have a film grain feature on my editing software c: thankyou lovely!

  5. the sky. the end.
    -jocee <3

  6. that 10th shot is cool!
    er, are the page names on your sidebar supposed to be black boxes?


    1. i'm working on that! thanks for the heads up. xx


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