hunger games midnight premiere // please excuse our crazily tired but precious faces. it was past our bedtimes for goodness sakes.


these four letters, this queer little word. what could it mean? flux (n); the state of constant change. change happens often around us. it is constant. really, just think about this. trees adorn themselves with a luscious collection of leaves, then are stripped bare. every physical being undergoes a neverending stage of growth and maturity. the sky performs a infinite show of light and darkness. the temperature of the very air we breath rises and falls.

change is a scary thing to some. its twists and turns cannot be determined perfectly. familiar things suddenly become distant. people are taken away, strangers are introduced. to others though, change promises exciting and new things. there's a certain thrill in knowing a moment cannot occur the same way twice. dealing with life's many changes is a task we all face. some see it as just another fact of life. a natural occurance. to me? change is the work of God's hands. shaping and molding and carving. there is no such thing as "chance" and simple "accidental occurances". my Father has a plan for everything and everyone. sure, things might get a little scary along the way. there will be tears and pain because of differences. but there will also be times when all we can do is stand in awe at what is occuring around us. so as the weeks go by, a plan is being fufilled. and it will take a little change to get there.

(pictures taken with disposable film)


  1. film? you suddenly became 100x more awesome.
    -jocee <3

  2. loved these shots -- they were/are all cool. you went to the midnight premiere, huh? sweet.
    change is absolutely terrifying for me. i am comfortable where i'm at. then again, it took change to get where i am now, and i was scared of it at first. i guess i'm learning it can be a good thing.
    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul
    p.s. oh, oh, oh... just who be that sweet boy with his arm around you?♥

  3. this is so beautiful, sweet friend. I love your crazy excited faces + film photos. we got to the theater an hour and a half before the premiere started and sat in there, waiting. the excitement in the room was crazy wonderful, and being able to see it with some of my closest friends was the best. change is crazy and wonderful and scary and frustrating and hard and GOOD. x

  4. beautifully written :) change is exciting.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. And I just love the pictures!

  6. darling, you are lovely. really. your blog, your photos, your words- you. keep it up. <3

  7. Looks like you had a delightful time at the premiere! I went with friends to watch The Hunger Games, too, and it was so much fun. Adore the film photography; it's making me wnat to try it out. :)

  8. looks like you had a great night with your friends :) Makes me miss a few of my high school friends!

    Madison...you put words together so beautifully. When you said, "change is a scary thing to some. its twists and turns cannot be determined perfectly" it really struck me. I'm doing my best to embrace the change in our home with 2 little ones...and embrace the fact that Ava as a newborn is not a repeat of Brooks as a newborn...even with little things like Brooks LOVED a binky and being swaddled and Ava is not in love with either. But they both sure are cute ;) Anyway, you are so wise and I appreciated this post...a beautiful message to trust in God and take advantage of change as a way to learn and grow.

    And madison, thank you so much for the sweet words of congrats for our new little baby girl Ava!! you are beyond thoughtful xoxo


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