ashton and ethan || engaged


IMG_5062 IMG_4601 ashton & ethan3 ashton & ethan22 ashton & ethan5 IMG_4993 ashton & ethan7 IMG_4972 ashton & ethan20 ashton & ethan18 IMG_4969 ashton & ethan21 ashton & ethan16 IMG_4946 ashton & ethan15 IMG_4941 ashton & ethan14 IMG_4905 ashton & ethan12 ashton & ethan6 IMG_4889 ashton & ethan10 IMG_5082 IMG_4770 ashton & ethan11 IMG_4849 ashton & ethan9 ashton & ethan8 IMG_4665 ashton & ethan23 IMG_4664 ashton & ethan24 IMG_4709 IMG_4703 IMG_4756 ashton & ethan26
i've known this couple for quite a while, even before their days of dating. ashton and ethan are better together. if two people could compliment one another to be a perfect fit, then here is proof. my dear friend ashton has found her soulmate; ethan.
all throughout the shoot, i watched it from behind my camera. like magic. it could be seen in the gaze of their eyes, the way he looks at her, the way she looks at him. it could be heard in her laughter that was brought on so effortlessly by him. and, i mean, you've gotta adore a couple who's not afraid to be a little silly together. these two are such a sweet pair. and i know without a doubt they're meant to be.

their hearts are tied. its love.


  1. MADS. these are so good. like, really really good. ashton and ethan are adorable and you are amazing.

  2. Oh, the way he's holding her in the first shot.. and Ashton balancing in cowboy boots on the railroad tracks with Ethan's help! These pictures are to-die-for adorable.

  3. oh these are so adorable. adore her plaid.

  4. *SWOON* Wow, these are incredible. Great job!


  5. Aw, what a cute couple! :) You did a beyond amazing job!! Love all of the pictures!!


  6. your first engagement shoot? ohh lovely job my dear. and your words are just as precious as the photos.

  7. ah, you did such a good job! aaand, these two are pretty cute together. :)

  8. these are so good, madison. super sweet. :)


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